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Nitrous Rules with Bryson Motorsports!

May 29, 2020

There is no denying some of drag racing’s baddest boosted combinations have been bolted on the Mainline hub dyno at FuelTech USA, but those combinations aren’t the only ones to make noise at the Ball Ground, Georgia facility.


Recently Bryson Motorsports visited the FuelTech headquarters and they brought along their Radial vs. The World C7 Corvette. The team is aiming for the 3.50s on Mickey Thompson ET Radial Pro tires thanks to a massive 900-plus cubic inch engine that is based on a 5.300 bore space engine block.

Modern Racing handled the wiring of the FuelTech FT600 engine management system, which is vital in controlling the Speedtech nitrous system. The six stages are completely controlled by the FT600’s integrated nitrous control capabilities with progressive and arming functions as well as fuel supplement as the nitrous is run dry into the engine.

The FT600 keeps the behemoth big-block in top running order through data acquired from eight Nano O2 wideband O2 conditioners for the Bosch sensors. The FT600 not only references the data live but it also records that information for post-run analysis since the ECU acts a data logging system on top of its engine management.

A pair of Peak and Hold 4A/1A injector drivers keeps the low impedance fuel injectors under control as the engine cranks out well over 2,500hp.