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Low Impedance Fuel Injectors


1.5 Ohms - Voltage Limit 24V - Requires 8A/2A Peak and Hold Driver
FuelTech's 320 lb/h, 520 lb/h, 720 lb/h, and 820 lb/h fuel injectors require a peak and hold driver, we recommend our 8A/2A Peak and Hold Driver or our Peak and Hold PRO Injector Driver, and are compatible with any ECU currently on the market. All FT Injectors utilize the EV1 style harness plug and are compatible with gasoline, ethanol, methanol, nitromethane, MTBE, and ETBE fuels. To provide you with the highest quality injectors, all internal components have gone through extensive testing using a salinization process to ensure all raw materials are resistant to corrosion.  
The full line of FT injectors are backed by a 90-day warranty and FuelTech's industry leading technical support.