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Racing Steering Wheels

FTR-330 Lightweight Steering Wheel - Black and Red, 1.2lbs, 13 inch Diameter with Deep-Dish for Better Control for  3 or 6 Bolt Universal Hub Compatible

FuelTech's racing steering wheels are precision-crafted and engineered to elevate the driving experience in high-performance vehicles. With a focus on functionality and ergonomics, our steering wheels offer exceptional grip and control, enhancing driver confidence and responsiveness on the track. Engineered with lightweight materials and advanced design features, FuelTech's steering wheels are compatible with 3 and 6 bolt universal hubs, quick release, buttons, and paddles. Whether tackling hairpin turns or straight-line speed runs, these steering wheels deliver a tactile connection between driver and machine. Experience the difference with FuelTech Racing Steering Wheels – where engineering meets exhilaration.

Please visit the steering wheel product pages for each model's specifications and dimensions.