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Fuel Injectors - High Impedance and Low Impedance

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From 5,000 HP drag racing engines to rotary-powered race cars, fuel delivery is essential to success. We spent years developing the FT Injector line (FTI), prioritizing performance, quality, and durability. We perform salinization tests on all raw materials prior to production to ensure that internal components are corrosion resistant. Every injector is tested and calibrated to ensure linearity, repeatability, and accuracy. 

FuelTech's FTI line can be used with any ECU on the market and with any fuel, including gasoline, ethanol, nitromethane, nitropropane, and fuels containing MTBE and ETBE. They feature an EV1 connector for positive locking and high vibration resistance. Silver plated terminals provide the best possible electrical connection.  

High Impedance is available in 170 lb/h and 240 lb/h. High impedance fuel injectors do not require an external driver. 

Low Impedance is available in 320 lb/h, 520 lb/h, 720 lb/h, and 820 lb/h. Low impedance fuel injectors must be paired with an 8A/2A Peak and Hold Driver or the Peak and Hold PRO Injector Driver.

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