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FT Dial Board


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  • The FT Dial Board makes displaying your dial-in quick and easy. Seamless integration with FuelTech ECUs makes it simple to adjust your dial-in on the fly with a few clicks on the ECU screen. The high visibility RGB LEDs make the board visible day or night, while the customizable number and background colors set you apart from the competition. For dual dial display, configure 2 FT Dial Boards for simultaneous display. 

    • Mounting pattern compatible with standard dial board brackets
    • Waterproof design in a sturdy aluminum case
    • Customizable colors for numbers and background with FTManager version 5.2 or later.
    • Display: 14x32 RGB LED Array
    • High visibility in all conditions
    • Easy connectivity through the FT CAN network
  • FT Dial Board Manual