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New Release - FT Input Expander!

January 13, 2021


Meet FuelTech's new product, which will add 24 additional inputs on your PowerFT ECU and allow your build to have as many sensors as a high end Pro Mod.

The number of available inputs is one of the main differences between the PowerFT ECU's. The total number ranges from 7 inputs on the entry level ECU(the FT450) to 20 inputs on the top of the line FT600. With this new product, these numbers can be changed.

We bring you the FuelTech Input Expander, it can be used with any PowerFT ECU and will add 24 extra inputs: 20 analog inputs plus 4 for VR sensors.

This means if you own an FT450, you will get a total of 31 inputs, which is more than an FT600. And if you own a FT600, the possibilities are endless.

Endless possibilities:

The FuelTech Input Expander was born out of request from the top teams racing the Pro Mod category, to increase the number of sensors they could use along with their FT600, and add readings such as track and tire temperature, ride height, shock travel and others.



In regards to what can be used in this new expander, Cameron Lohrmann, tech support supervisor, highlights the possibility to use 4 wheel speed sensors, exhaust backpressure, flex fuel, oil temperature, coolant pressure, fuel flow, and air temperature before and after an intercooler to measure its efficiency.

"The FT Input Expander will be perfect for those using the FT450 since it's the one with the least amount of inputs, but will also be extremely useful if you have a more complex build with an FT600, used all of its inputs and still need to datalog more sensors" says Lohrmann. The expander, of course, can be used with other PowerFT ECU's like the FT550 and FT550LITE.

All data in a single file:

With the FuelTech Input Expander, all data is sent via CAN network to the ECU. So all the readings from the sensors wired to it, will be saved in the internal datalog file on the ECU, dispensing with the need to have additional equipment and analyzing a separate datalog file.

The installation was also made easy. "All you have to do is wire power, ground and connect the CAN bus connector to the ECU, then wire the orange wires to the sensors you want to add. All the settings and configuration are done through our software: FTManager." explains Cameron.

The 20 analog inputs take any 0-5V signal and VR sensors are also easy to wire on the 4 dedicated inputs for these types of sensors.

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