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GALOT Motorsports Cranks Out 3,200+ HP at FuelTech!

May 14, 2020

The United States is lumbering out of its COVID-19 slump and that means racers are preparing for a short action-packed season. One telltale sign has been the steady activity on FuelTech’s Mainline hub dyno and the latest team to knock off the dust was GALOT Motorsports. The Pro Modified legal 1969 Chevy Camaro didn’t disappoint either as it produced 3,201 HP from the ProCharger F3R enhanced Pro Line Racing HEMI.

Kevin Rivenbark Procharged Camaro

GALOT’s Kevin Rivenbark has quite a storied career in drag racing, first making noise with a Roots supercharged combination and his conversion in 2019 to the ProCharger setup sent the GALOT team into the stratosphere of accolades. They came out swinging for the fences with the ProCharger and dropped into the 3.50s during Radial vs. The World racing, the first competitor to accomplish that task. The success didn’t stop at the time slip booth, Rivenbark crushed the competition during the Duck X Productions Sweet 16 and walked away with a stack of bills that added up to $101,000.

Kevin Rivenbark Sweet 16 Winner

The GALOT Motorsports team showed its prowess in competing in a variety of categories and once they were done crushing the Radial vs. The World group, they swapped over to PDRA Pro Boost trim. The changes include an assortment of suspension adjustments and weight additions. Crew chief Steve Petty relies on the FuelTech FT600 to quickly adapt the power management parameters to let all 3,201 HP get applied to massive 34x17.5-inch slicks in the proper manner. In Pro Mod trim, the team ran consistently in the 3.60s-3.70s en route to their PDRA title.

The Pro Line Racing HEMI features the new raised cam option as well as its new billet intake manifold, along with the Alan Johnson Performance Engineering billet block and cylinder heads. Rivenbark and the team at Pro Line Racing selected the FuelTech FT600 to help streamline the electronics in the vehicle for simplicity and functionality. The FT600 doubles as a digital display and ECU and incorporates several functions to make the tuning a consistent process. The ECU is capable of Traction Control, Data Logging, Nitrous and Boost Controllers for other applications, and the ability to accurately control 16 massively sized fuel injectors that are needed in a methanol-burning mechanical monster.

The FT600 features 20 inputs and 32 outputs standard giving racers a wide range of capabilities. The Drag Racing options were developed on championship winning vehicles and includes Burnout Mode with 2- and 3-step rev limiters, Line Lock brake output, Brake Pressure Control, 2-step activation setup by speed, boost, MAP, or clutch position, a variety of time-based options. Additionally, the powerful FT600 is capable of controlling transmission gear-shifts using pneumatic or electric shifters.

Complimenting the engine management system is the FTSPARK-8 and eight individual FT ignition coils. The FTSPARK-8 is a high energy Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) system and has been tested to effectively provide spark in applications over 5,000 HP! It is also capable of generating spark up to 600mj (mili Joules) of energy and firing the spark with 125 AMPS of current.

Good Luck to Rivenbark and the GALOT Motorsports team on their PDRA title defense as well as their endeavors in the wild Radial vs. The World shootouts as drag racing gets back on track in 2020!