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FuelTech VisionFT Dominates in Competition Debut

August 23, 2023

Last year the world learned of the forthcoming VisionFT VCU line of products, including the FT700 and FT700PLUS. FuelTech is proud to announce the FT700PLUS will be the spec ECU Brazilian Stock Car circuit in 2025. It just so happens these vehicles are the most technologically advanced racecars on the Brazilian motorsport scene, a fitting start for the next generation VCU. FuelTech is on target to begin delivering VisionFT VCU products in December of 2023.

Anderson Dick, Founder and CEO of FuelTech was thrilled to make this announcement, stating “It is an honor to be part of this iconic category. FuelTech equipping the Stock Car with our advanced VCUs is an immeasurable milestone, one of the greatest achievements in our history.” The company’s history is renowned in the high-performance world with countless championships and records in dozens of racing categories around the globe. This represents a major step to continuing that tradition and continuing to push motorsports technology further.

The big reveal went down August 4-5 at the Velocitta racing circuit as the Stock Car Pro Series presented a racecar featuring the FT700PLUS VCU, the crown jewel of the VisionFT product line. The new product will be adopted by the most distinguished race teams and drivers in the country, setting a new level of performance for Brazil.

The FT700PLUS will be an integral part of the next generation racecar, performing crucial functions and offering the teams a singular digital solution. Of course, engine management is the first highlighted responsibility and that’s quickly followed by sequential transmission control, electronic wastegate control, and DRS. The FT700PLUS is also a communications hub by operating the on-board camera, microphone, and telemetry system, which is all done through 5G technology and local Wi-Fi network at the racetrack. The VisionFT display serves as the information panel for the driver, keeping him or her informed about the vehicle’s systems and it interfaces with a display that is built into the steering wheel.

Motorsports around the world is going through a digital renaissance and the VisionFT will be leading the charge when it is released in the fourth quarter of 2023. The CEO of FuelTech Brazil, Leonardo Fontolan, shared his thoughts on this technological revolution. “Stock Car is undergoing significant changes, and this is reflected in the cars as well. We are extremely excited to be part of this journey, introducing technological innovations to the category with the FT700PLUS. This VCU will bring unimaginable features such as advanced telemetry, direct communication between race management and drivers, video and audio integration, real-time penalty updates and additional push-to-pass for the driver most voted by the public. It will be possible to log hundreds of channels in real time, an impressive leap compared to the current ten total parameters logged between the car and on the engine, which are only accessible when the vehicle is stationary, and the data is extracted via pen-drive."

For the first time in history, thanks to the advanced technology of FuelTech VCUs from the VisionFT line, a single device offers precise and comprehensive management of various vehicle aspects for anyone to employ on their race vehicle. The FT700PLUS will transmit the data using telemetry, while also allowing remote control through the category’s management system. The VCU will also receive information from the teams and race directors, allowing communication with the driver and even allow adjustments to the vehicle's behavior in real time. This type of remote communication exists at the Formula 1 level and FuelTech is opening up the market with the FT700PLUS.

These advancements by the FuelTech FT700PLUS VCU for the category and new vehicle are revolutionizing the motorsport’s world.

The FT700 and FT700PLUS has a very fast paced development rate, and more news and updates will be available in the coming months. The team is forecasting a December 2023 availability date for the VisionFT product line. More information and details about FuelTech products and the extraordinary VisionFT line are available on www.fueltech.net

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