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FuelTech Unveils State-of-the-Art Headquarters: A Milestone in Innovation and Expansion

December 13, 2023

FuelTech Founder and CEO, Anderson Dick, cuts the ribbon at the opening of our new headquarters.

FuelTech recently celebrated the grand opening of our new 80,000sqft main headquarters, a massive leap from the 80sqft student bedroom apartment where founder and CEO, Anderson Dick, started FuelTech just over 20 years ago. FuelTech has outgrown 2 previous locations as we have expanded to nearly 200 team members in the city of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. Our new flagship location was custom designed by our FuelTech Design Studio and built to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding team complete with a product showroom, FT STORE, FuelTech History Museum, state of the art manufacturing facility, one of the largest research and development campuses in the racing industry, as well as ample office space for our dedicated team members working in inventory, shipping, sales, accounting, marketing, media, and tech support. The new facility marks not only a physical expansion but also a symbolic leap forward in our ongoing commitment to innovation as an industry leader in vehicle control systems and high-performance components. We are honored to share this milestone with our customers and fans who have supported, encouraged, and inspired us over the years.

Timeline exhibit in the History of FuelTech Museum and our new headquarters.

FuelTech's Roots:

FuelTech was founded in 2003 by Anderson Dick, but our story begins several years earlier. In 1999, while studying electrical engineering at the Federal University of the RS State of Brazil (UFRGS), Anderson’s passion for racing and interest in technology led him to design an electronic fuel injection system for turbocharged vehicles, which he called the “TurboPRO-1F.” He spent several years perfecting the design before he began building and selling the TurboPro-1F out of his 80 sq/ft college housing. By 2003, interest in the TurboPRO-1F had outpaced what Anderson could build in his apartment, leading him to officially register FuelTech as a company on April 23, 2003.

Expanding Horizons:

We quickly expanded our reach beyond the borders of Brazil, establishing a strong presence across South America. Our founding principles of investing in the research and development of innovative technology and providing our customers with industry leading technical support led to the company’s exponential growth. Customers embraced the brand and within 4 years, FuelTech grew to become South America’s leader in high-performance engine management systems and components, dominating 70% of the market. Where others would be content to sit back and enjoy their success, Anderson set his sights on a new challenge, expanding into the U.S. market.

Automotive exhibit at FuelTech's new headquarters.

Foray into the U.S. Market:

The United States presented an opportunity for FuelTech to expand into a new market, however gaining entry into the U.S. was rife with challenges and setbacks. The first attempts to establish the company in the new market were unsuccessful, but Anderson and the team were undeterred. From 2012-2014 they focused on learning everything they could about drag racing and the needs of the racers, investing heavily in research and development, which led to a complete redesigning of FuelTech’s ECU to meet the needs of the highly competitive Pro Mod market.

The FT500’s design was the result. The racing community embraced the innovative product, feature rich programing, user friendly interface, and comprehensive capabilities. The FT500 put tuning at your fingertips with a touchscreen display that served as a digital dashboard with features including data logger, boost and nitrous control, advanced diagnostics, traction control, wheelie control, and more. In the last decade, FuelTech ECUs have been installed in almost anything with an engine, but our commitment to innovative products and customer service remains as our most fundamental guiding principles.

Inside the main entrance of the FT STORE and History of FuelTech museum at our new headquarters.
The view from the History of FuelTech museum overlooking the FT STORE at FuelTech's new Brazilian headquarters.

FuelTech headquarters features custom designed interior work spaces, allowing team members a space to relax.
FuelTech headquarters reception desk is designed to be welcoming.

Our New Headquarters

FuelTech USA and FuelTech Brazil work together closely, with much of the company’s research and development, and all of our manufacturing based out of our Brazilian headquarters. Over the last year, we have been eagerly watching as our new Brazilian headquarters was designed and constructed. The state-of-the-art facility is over 80,000 sq/ft that are occupied by cutting-edge research and development labs, testing facilities, and a dedicated training center. FuelTech team members from around the world, including many of our U.S. team members, joined in the grand opening celebrations with customers, fans, and local politicians. With a large retail space, FuelTech museum, office space for nearly 200 employees, and a brand-new manufacturing facility large enough to scale production to 5 times our current level, the entire FuelTech team is proud of what we have accomplished in only 20 years. As one team member described the grand opening, “This feels like a new era for FuelTech.”

The crown outside FuelTech's new headquarters as founder and CEO, Anderson Dick, prepares to cut the ribbon.
A nighttime view of the FT STORE at FuelTech's new headquarters.
The increased size of FuelTech's new 80,000 sq/ft headquarters includes space for education (left of photo) and inventory.

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