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April 23, 2014

FuelTech Team Message:

Creating a successor as popular and winner as the FT400, keeping all its qualities, all its efficiency and simplicity, without losing the essence that consecrated the FuelTech brand, was a huge challenge. We knew our responsibilities. It would be a harsh task, because we needed it to be original, as we always have been, and to respect what makes FuelTech is today. It has a concept legacy and a product style made by us that over a decade became the market standard, inspiring the whole industry and making history.

Aware of that, FuelTech development team has dedicated more than 3 years on the creation of the FT500. All this effort was intense on what we like most: develop, test and share the joy of the achievements with our customers.

The result of all of this is a breakthrough in technology, maybe without precedents in this market. We united all of our expertise, with lots of hard work, innovation, creativity and, above all, passion. The FT500, as the first ECU RacePRO-1F, is the search for the real innovation. Innovation that makes FuelTech heart beat. Innovation that create markets, paths and original products. Innovation that, with some sort of craziness, makes us go against the flow and standards of the whole world industry in this particular segment, making something that is unusual, that isn´t the easy way of doing.

We are at the race track, we are daily at the streets, and we are so into this challenge that it became part of us. So, today we launch not only a product, but a dream of a passionate for the passionate. With all of this effort, all of this passion, all of this enthusiasm, we hope that you be surprised by the FT500 and feel the same!

FT500 Overview:

Keeping the concept that consecrated FuelTech, the FT500 is an electronic central unit (ECU) that fit on your hands and integrates a color LCD dashboard. The tune can be made on the same screen, touch sensitive. The versatility is expanded, being able to be installed on practically any application.

All of this is already known since FT400. What we made on the FT500 was to take this further, bringing the state of the art technology to your reach. All of this was made keeping the FT400 size. But don´t fool yourself, the heart (the processor!) and the technology of this new machine are totally new and top notch!

To describe the FT500 in simple words, first, keep in mind all what FT400 does; now add a huge list of resources. Also, add the great easiness to migrate to FT500 from and older FT ECU installation. With some simple modifications on the harness already installed, you can use all the incredible resources from FT500.

FT500 – The future of performance has arrived!

Main FT500 new features:

a - Allows compatibility with OEM sensors (including paralell connection with OEM ECU).

b - Allows the use of the stock MAP sensor on a “plug and play” installation.

c - Features and maps developed to improve the engine control on several applications, providing better driveability and comfort. Example: prime pulse,      afterstart enrichment, TPS or MAP compensations, idle controls integration, voltage compensation per bank, idle by TPS table, deceleration fuel control.

d - Channels are customizable as, in example: exhaust backpressure, suspension travel sensor, exhaust gas temperature (requires FuelTech ETM-1), fuel tank level, etc.

e - All the outputs are configurable, up to 20 channels.

f - Up to 8 outputs to control saturated injectors with no external driver needed.

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