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FuelTech's Fuel Injector Line Expands to High Impedance Market

July 19, 2023

Nearly two years ago a new option in fuel delivery for harcore racing applications came to the market with the creation of the FT Injector line of low impedance fuel injectors. The initial line-up ranged from 820 lb/hr to 230 lb/hr sized fuel injectors. This sizing range ensured that the FT Injectors had the low impedance, big power market covered with the proof being in the numerous championships and major event victories achieved by FT Injector equipped vehicles. But there is always room for more and by incorporating vast motorsports knowledge with a cutting edge engineering team, FT Injector is expanding the line-up once again with the introduction of the 170 lb/hr high impedance fuel injector.

The new high impedance 170 lb/hr fuel injectors do not require a peak/hold driver and are compatible with any ECU currently on the market. The 170 lb/hr utilizes the popular EV1 style harness plug and is compatible with gasoline, ethanol, methanol, nitromethane, MTBE, and ETBE fuels. The internal components have gone through extensive testing using a salinization process to ensure all raw materials are resistant to corrosion.

The 170 lb/hr (or 1,785 cc/min) rating is calculated using 43.5 psi of fuel pressure and moving that pressure up or down will change the flow rating. FT Injector data shows these injectors flow 142 ln/hr (or 1,491 cc/min) at 30 psi and that increases to 253 lb/hr (or 2,656 cc/min) at 90 psi. Every fuel injector is flow tested to ensure linearity, repeatability, and accuracy with those results included in each box. The coil resistance is rated at 8.2-8.1 Ohms and the ingress protection rating is IP67/NEMA6. As usual, FuelTech backs each injector with a warranty and exceptional customer support.

FT Injector is a collaboration between FuelTech and MRB Machining, both leaders in their segments of motorsports and manufacturing. The two groups have spent countless hours over several years modeling, building, and testing various designs to create consistent spray patterns in the FT Injector line-up. Consistent and efficient spray patterns allow engines to run smoother with clean idles and excellent low-speed driving. This is important when traversing pit road, the burnout box, and other scenarios that racers face in the diverse environments on the race course.

From 5,000 HP drag race engines to rotary-powered road race cars, delivering the proper amount of fuel is essential to success, that is why you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere