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FuelTech Yamaha Billet Wet Sump Racing Oil Pump


Shipping Cut-Off:  USPS 9:30am EST / UPS 1:00pm EST

Take your Yamaha PWC to the next level of performance with the FuelTech Billet Wet Sump Racing Oil Pump for the Yamaha 1.8L from the 2012 SHO, HO and SVHO engines up to the newest 1.9L HO introduced in 2024.

Product Highlights:
Plug and Play: Direct replacement to the stock Yamaha 1.8L/1.9L oil pump without modifications.
High-Performance Design: Handles the demands of high boost and high RPM conditions, far exceeding the capabilities of the stock pump.
Adjustable Oil Pressure: Built-in external adjustable 100+ psi oil pressure regulator.
Mechanical Fuel Pump Hex Drive: Includes a hex drive for attaching an optional mechanical fuel pump, solving power and fuel delivery issues for high-performance setups. Recommended Mechanical Fuel Pumps are available in 13 GPM and 20 GPM.

Why Choose the FuelTech Billet Wet Sump Racing Oil Pump?
Enhanced Reliability: The stock pump often fails under high-performance conditions, struggling to maintain more than 60 psi at high RPMs. This pump has also ball bearings to ensure proper shaft stabilization and alignment at high rpm.
Optimized Oil Flow: Designed with a proper gear ratio to drive the high-volume oil pump and fuel pump efficiently, allowing +12000RPM applications.
Fuel System Solutions: The optional mechanical fuel pump operates independently of the electrical system, ensuring reliable fuel delivery and relieving the strain on your battery charger. It is safer for the engine to run the mechanical fuel pump from the crankshaft as running it from the camshaft stresses the cam chain in addition to the placement being too high in relation to the fuel tank.

Installation and Compatibility:
Easy Installation: Fits directly onto the engine without any modifications, no need to pull the engine out to install it.
Recommended Upgrade: While compatible with the stock oil pan, pairing with the FuelTech Billet Oil Pan is recommended for maximum performance.
Transform your Yamaha 1800 / 1900 with the FuelTech Billet Wet Sump Racing Oil Pump for unmatched oil and fuel management in high-performance applications.