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Billet Oil Pan for Yamaha PWC 1800 and 1900


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The development into the Yamaha PWC platform had for over a decade struggled with oil supply issues at high performance applications, even on stock there has been seen engine failures due to oil cavitation specially under severe deceleration, caused by oil pump suction tube not having proper oil supply.

FuelTech has developed in conjunction with successful racing teams like the world's fastest jetski from Jose Luis from BK Built on the 142mph record and our own race jetski, the Compound Turbo and Supercharger one that makes over 1000hp as well and proven with consistent data acquisition that this billet oil pan design fixed the oil cavitation.

The oil quantity was increased to 10 quarts of oil allowing better oil life under extreme high power as well keeping safer oil level on the oil pan during high rpm.

The box has an endurance race design that allows oil in with directional flaps but retain oil to go out.

The high volume suction tube is a 90 degree style that has a lower level suction.

This oil pan uses extra space and requires the hull resonators to be removed.

The addition of a bottom oil drain plug allows installation of a hose for proper suction and complete removal of the oil during oil changes.

The solid billet aluminum design is also structural reinforcement for the engine block and help holding extreme horsepower and rpm stress.