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WEG & FuelTech Announce Electric Car Conversion / Motorsports Partnership

September 27, 2019

Today a partnership was announced between WEG S.A. (WEGE3), global electronic components supplier and Brazil’s biggest electric engine and inverter fabricator; and FuelTech LTDA, a multinational company based in Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil) with a branch in Georgia (USA). Established 16 years ago, FuelTech is a world renowned engine management systems technology developer for high performance combustion engine applications.

The agreement foresees investing on the development and delivery of technology and products like electric motors, inverters, ECU (engine control units), batteries and battery management systems; allowing the electrification of vehicles both in motorsports and passenger cars alike. WEG will provide well known products such as the WEG Electric Powertrain System, motors and auxiliary inverters while further developing new products bringing the large scale electric vehicle conversion closer to reality in the near future.


Recently, FuelTech created a Research and Development division dedicated to motorsports electrification and now wants to innovate in the electrical propulsion management segment both on its primary market and the passenger car electrical vehicle conversions.

“The future of the automobile is electric and we want to use our know-how from motorsports, alongside our global network of certified technicians, to offer efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions for both passenger and the motorsport industry”, says Anderson Frederico Dick, FuelTech CEO.

“We believe this partnership allows innovative projects that will be a big step towards sustainability for our planet”, adds Leonardo Prianti Fontolan, Executive Director of FuelTech.

“The partnership with FuelTech will allow product development towards large scale electrification of vehicles equipped with combustion engines into reality in the near future'', emphasizes Manfred Peter Johann, Superintendent Director of WEG Automation.



About WEG - www.weg.net

Established in 1961, WEG is a global electric and electronic equipment company that has focused mostly with capital goods with solutions comprised of electrical machinery, automation and paint, for different sectors including infrastructure, siderurgy, pulp and paper, gas and oil, mining and others. WEG excels in innovation; constantly developing trending solutions of energy efficiency, renewables and electrical mobility. With industrial installations in 12 countries and commercial operations in 135 others, the company employs 35 thousand people around the world. In 2018, WEG reached revenue up to R$ 11,970 billion (2.875 billion USD), 58% of it coming from sales outside of Brazil.

About FuelTech -  www.fueltech.net

FuelTech is a Brazilian company, founded in 2003 based in Porto Alegre city (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). FuelTech develops technology and solutions for the high performance automotive market with state of the art engine management systems that made a breakthrough by being the world’s first ECU with an integrated touchscreen LCD. With including their branch in the USA, FuelTech's dealer network spans 6 continents and over 20 countries!

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