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Top Speed Challenge

October 30, 2009

The Brazilian Top Speed Challenge for street cars happened last october at Gavião Peixoto airport in São Paulo and there were many special cars that thrilled the public.

The challenge was to accelerate the car from a starting point during 1.25 miles and then run it back again from the end of the track.
The champion would be decided considering the average speed of both passes (2 trials for each car), and Alejandro Sanches got the 2nd place with his Porsche 993 Twin Turbo, tuned by Heraldo Bueno that installed a complete line of FuelTech products.
The used setup was embased by a RacePro-1Fi ECU, FirePro Ignition System, Peak and Hold for 12 units of 120lbs/hr injectors, Boost Contoller System and WBo2 Datalogger to aquire all needed parameters of his runs.

He also used a progressive dry nitrous system (6 fan) that was managed by the RacePro-1Fi to help the engine power curve. The dyno session before the race showed the alcohol fueled Porsche could make 830whp and 820lbs of torque runing only 21 psi, and to set the national record during the Challenge, the boost level was upgraded for 26 psi.

It was a great result on the dyno and it could repeat the numbers on the track, running a top speed of 219mph, with an average speed of 193mph.
Everything was perfect, but unfortunately the car had problems in one pressure hose clamp that made the last pass to be lost, and the victory was taken by Sidnei Frigo and his twin turbo Lamborghini Superleggera, with the average speed of 181mph.
You can check the perfect engine tuning log data from the last pass clicking here.

The FuelTech Team congratulates the Challenge organizers by this great event and all the racers by their amazing performance, specially Alejandro Sanches and Heraldo Bueno.