Released a new FuelTech Update Package

January 09, 2013

Released a new FuelTech Update Package, version 1.76 for FT400 only:
      - Improvements and Performance Optimization on Tunning Aid function.
      - Improvements and Performance Optimization on Lambda Control Closed Loop function.
Narrow band O2 sensor disconnected voltage modified from 0,59V to 0,20V.

How do I update?
1. Download the update package:
2. Save to your computer;
3. Unzip files;
4. Double click SetupAppPackage_x.xx.exe;
5. Select desired language for installation and click “OK”;
6. Follow instructions on the screen;
7. Open FuelTech Can Updater by clicking it icon on desktop;
8. Connect USB-CAN Converter to computer and to FT400;
9. Select desired language for software and click “OK”;
10. Select FT400;
11. Click button “Update Firmware”;
12. Read warning and click “OK”;
13. Make sure you selected the correct ECU model and click “OK”;
14. Wait for it to finish;
      a. IMPORTANT! Do not disconnect USB-CAN Converter from USB port before the end of update process.
      b. Do not connect any other USB device during update process.
15. When this screen is shown, the update process is finished and your ECU is updated.