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Pro 275 | 4,062 WHP | Ziff Hudson

July 05, 2022

Ziff Hudson has been a fixture on the small-tire scene for many years; most notably with his gray-hued Fox Mustang coupe in the Pro 275 ranks as well as the driver of grudge cars like the ZZ Top Mustang. His latest creation is perhaps the wildest one in the fleet and most likely the shiniest—and if you’re familiar with Hudson’s cars over the years, that is a bold statement.

Teddy Houser Race Cars built a C7 Corvette and Hudson turned to companies like TKM, Menscer Motorsports, and M&M Racing Transmissions along with others to create a powerful and soon-to-be 3-second/200 mph hot rod. The TKM engine is designated a small-block but the dimensions are unknown outside of it being an all-billet masterpiece. A key component to the 4,062 WHP output is a Harts Turbo 140mm boost-maker, which is controlled by Turbosmart electronic wastegates. The FuelTech engine management system is one of the few systems on the market that is capable of controlling the revolutionary new wastegates. In fact, many experts believe it will be a game-changing component to get turbo cars more competitive with the supercharged variants in many outlaw racing categories.

The shiny Corvette features a FuelTech FT600 engine management system for all of its engine and power management as well as data acquisition. The FT600, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450 offer a complete line-up of standard features including sequential injection and ignition, O2 Closed Loop, data logger, delay box, Boost Controller, Nitrous Controller, and so much more. FuelTech’s features and capabilities have helped change the game in the aftermarket ECU market, as proven by the success in various motorsports with championships and record-breaking performances.

With output cracking the 4,000 WHP mark, the engine requires a matching ignition system and the FTSPARK-8 is paired with a set of CDI Racing Ignition coils. Some users run the groundbreaking Gen I system and it is a highly capable ignition system, however, FuelTech replaced it nearly two years ago with the FTSPARK-8 Gen II. The Gen II box offers a minimum and guaranteed 750mj of energy at 140 amps and has been tested up to 850mj in certain applications. FuelTech tests every unit prior to boxing to ensure each one meets the 750mj minimum guarantee. That works out to a 25 percent increase in mj output and a 12.5 percent increase of amps at the primary coil over the FTSPARK Gen I. All Gen I ignition boxes are upgradable to Gen II and it utilizes the same enclosure, making the swap easy and quick.

From breaking records to breaking 4,000 WHP with a turbocharged small-block engine, there is a reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere