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NEW FT450, FT500, FT500LITE, FT550 AND FT600 UPDATE!

May 04, 2021

4.6 Update - New Features

Click on "+" and check out all the details of the new functions

How to update?

Follow the steps below to update the ECU:

Step 1 -  Back up the maps and logs in the ECU before updating the ECU: It's recommended to back up all the important maps and logs contained in the FT450, FT500, FT500LITE, FT550 or FT600. The update won't delete the maps, but will delete the logs.

Step 2 - Download version 4.6 of FTManager: Download the new version in the "Software> FTManager" menu at FuelTech site or CLICK HERE to download the new version.

Step 3:
Open the FTManager software and plug the USB cable into the ECU, click on the “Tools” tab and then “ECU Updater” icon.

Electronic Wastegate Control


High-performance technology is constantly evolving, tech innovations such as the Electronic Wastegates are now a reality, and FuelTech is always updating its software to make sure our customers can use the latest technologies available in the market.

The E-gate control can be used in many ways besides pressure control, such as partial load pressure control and other position actuators like stock electronic wastegates.

*Function not available for FT450


Gear Control Management


The new gear control management feature that is being added to your ECU eliminates the need for an external controller by bringing all of the GCU (gear control unit) primary functions into your unit. It conveniently shows engine and transmission data logs on the same screen, allowing easier tune-up and calibration changes.

Compatible Transmissions:

    • Quaife
    • Hewland
    • XTrac
    • SADEV
    • Saenz


CAN VW Golf MK4 / Audi A3 8L integration


The newly added CAN integration enables your PowerFT engine management system to collect sensor data from the stock ECU without the consuming FT Input channels. The new software allows the FT ECU to read individual wheel speed sensors without messing up ABS control by eliminating the need for an external module or ABS Standalone.


    • WSS (wheel speed sensor) of each wheel
    • ECT (engine coolant temperature)
    • Brake switch
    • AC (air conditioning) switch


General features and upgrades

FuelTech has made it easier and quicker to start up engines that feature high compression and/or trigger wheels that use less teeth than normal, like what is found in motorcycle engines and powerplants with a low-inertia crankshaft.

Smart cranking sync: The new trigger wheel reading strategy takes into consideration the instant engine delta RPM and the battery voltage variation while cranking up high compression engines and/or lightweight low inertia crankshaft engines, improving synchronism and resulting in faster start-up for two or more missing teeth trigger wheel engines.



After executing the program, Windows Defender SmartScreen may display a warning message when installing FT Manager.

Here are the steps to follow to install FT Manager if this happens to you:

A - Click More info link:


B - Click the Run anyway and wait for the installation to finish:


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