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New FT450, FT500, FT500LITE, FT550 and FT600 update!

January 13, 2021

4.5 Update - New Features

Click on "+" and check out all the details of the new functions

How to update?

Follow the steps below to update the ECU:

Step 1 - Before updating the ECU, back up the maps and logs in the ECU: It's recommended to back up all the important maps and logs contained in the FT450, FT500, FT500LITE, FT550 or FT600. The update won't delete the maps, but will delete the logs.

Step 2 - Download version 4.5 of FTManager: Download the new version in the "Software> FTManager" menu at FuelTech site or CLICK HERE to download the new version.

Step 3:
Open the FTManager software and plug the USB cable into the ECU, click in "Tools" tab and then the icon "ECU Updater". 

FuelTech FT Input Expander compatibility


Input Expander Module for PowerFT line (FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450 / FT550 / FT550LITE / FT600), with 20 inputs for sensor readings such as (pressure, flow, temperatures, position and activation of functions using keys or buttons), and 4 inputs RPM reading and speed.

Full integration with FTManager software and communication via the CAN network.

With a simple and fast configuration through an interface already known to all users of FuelTech products

New Anti-lag / Pops and Bangs / Engine Brake function

The Anti-lag / Pops & Bangs / Engine brake function allows different configurations to have some sort of engine effects under certain situations. All settings in this menu are independent of main fuel and ignition tables, and it is possible to configure an external button or a dashboard button to enable the function at any time.

Anti-lag: mainly used on turbo engines, where during a deceleration, the turbine must keep boost and when back to throttle again the engine has all the boost available. To have this effect, in general, it is required to retard ignition timing a lot, have enough air intake in the intake (suggested using an electronic throttle, or some valve that adds air at the intake using the Anti-lag auxiliary output) and ignition cut to prevent the RPM from going up and pushing the car forward. Fuel enrichment will depend on each situation. Anti-lag RPM must match engine and turbine configuration to generate turbo pressure.

Pops & Bangs: function to generate small pops, bangs and crackles sounds in the exhaust system, often occurring shots and flames coming out of the exhaust. Configurations as fuel, ignition timing and cut, and throttle or idle actuator opening are directly responsible for the intensity of the effects, as well as the exhaust temperature itself. It is recommended to use the ignition timing close to 0º, or a little retarded, enough enrichment to have stoich AFR, ignition cut above 40% and slight opening of the idle actuator and throttle blade to have stronger effects.

Engine brake: option to adjust engine brake according to the motor. Especially recommended for motorcycles that have very strong engine brake and may lock traction wheel under hard decelarations. Adjustments related to electronic throttle opening, idle actuator or activation of the Anti-lag auxiliary output allow the engine to smooth power transfer in a given deceleration, and gear based air adder is the best option to configure it. It is also possible to have some ignition cut or negative fuel enrichment for better adjustment.

Possible to configure function activation with an external button that can be operated as a switch or button, option to activate it by 0V or 12V, choice to start the ECU with the control ON or OFF, option for Anti-lag auxiliary output activation mode and conditions to have the function operating, such as brake and clutch pedal validation, maximum TPS, minimum RPM, activation delay, activation ramp that allows a smoother progression for fuel, ignition and throttle or idle actuator compensations.



This test monitors the voltage drop while cranking to estimate the relative compression between the cylinders.
Each compression stroke generates a mechanical resistance and it increases the current draw at the battery, thus creating a voltage drop.

The test takes the cylinder with the highest mechanical resistance during cranking as a base and compares it to the others, making it a relative compression test.


Second BoostController feature to manage compound turbo application


Wastegate Boost Control 2 works exactly like the Wastegate Boost Control 1, and these functions can operate individually or simultaneously on engines that have up to 2 wastegates, such as compound systems.

The active control function of the wastegate valve pressure is used for a more precise control of turbo pressure in street, circuit and, mostly, drag race cars. The control can be performed by time after 2-step, by gear and engine RPM, by gear elapsed time, by a single target or by engine RPM, besides specific targets for 2-step, 3-step and burnout mode.

New boostcontrolle strategy: when under overboost error wastegate target goes to -5psi.


New Push to pass function (button to change maximum electronic throttle opening instantly)


Function that changes the maximum electronic throttle opening instantly when pressing the P2P button (push to pass).

Required P2P button configured in Sensors and Calibration menu, Inputs.

There are 2 ways to configure this function:

Increase the maximum throttle opening with the P2P button activated (recommended): set the maximum throttle opening in this menu (P2P button activated) and set default throttle opening (P2P button disabled) under Engine settings, Pedal / Throttle menu, Throttle opening limit.

Decrease the maximum opening of the throttle with the P2P button activated: set the default throttle opening in this menu (P2P button activated) and configure the maximum throttle opening (P2P button disabled) under Engine settings, Pedal / Throttle menu, Throttle opening limit.

It is also possible to define a maximum P2P activation time until another button signal. The maximum configurable time is 30s.

The activation of the P2P Button can be done through an analog input, with option of 0V or 12V activation. Another option is to use a SwitchPanel over CAN network.

New pneumatic compressor control function


Compressed air control for pneumatic system.

The control is based on the pressure limits, a pressure reading below the minimum will activates the compressor and keep it on until the sensor reaches the higher pressure configured.

Minimum time for compressor ON and minimum time for compressor OFF have priority over the pressure values, meaning that if the minimum time ON is longer than necessary to reach the maximum pressure, the compressor will continue to operate, as well as if the pressure drops to a value lower than pressure to turn ON and the minimum time OFF is not met the compressor will remain unactivated.

To eliminate the control time, set 0s on both settings.

If the sensor is disconnected, the compressor will follow the minimum time ON and minimum time OFF.

Possibility to configure output activation mode, and it's mandatory to configure the Air compressor pressure (Sensors and Calibration menu, Inputs) and the Air compressor output (Sensors and Calibration menu, Outputs) for correct operation.




Possibility to set a secondary injection output in your FT500, FT550, FT600.

The auxiliary output must be manually configured, according to the desired function, on the outputs (blue, gray or yellow wires) that were not used as injector or ignition outputs.

The signal on this secondary output will be the same as the cylinder’s original output. To learn more on how to set up this function, please refer to the chapter 19 of your ECU Owner’s manual.


New gear based rev limiter configuration


Table with individual RPM limit values per gear, widely used on road race cars where the rev limit may be different for the high gears, preserving engine and transmission at lower gears.


New option to turn off O2 closed loop 


New option to turn off O2 closed loop under gear shift power reduction.


New safety option for start button


New safety option for start button: activate starter only with clutch button or brake button pressed, or with shift lever in Park or Neutral position.


New RPM based oil pressure alert with up to 8 reference points


New safety option for start button: activate starter only with clutch button or brake button pressed, or with shift lever in Park or Neutral position.


New Alerts


- New EGT increase rate alert (ºF/s)

- New turbo overspeed alert

- New pan vacuum rate alert (psi/s)

- New Incomplete map file dashboard alert after writing ECU


New Internal Accelerometer position configuration to match physical installation


ECU Position, Acceleration Direction and Acceleration Signal settings can be changed so the ECU's internal accelerometer matches ECU installed position, ensuring correct reading of vehicle dynamics information.


New option to turn off drive by wire or idle speed valve when the engine is off

Option that turns throttle motors off with engine off, preventing throttle wear and overheating.


Read the front and rear wheel speed via FTCAN 2.0 and free up more inputs from your FuelTech ECU for other sensors to be used.

New transbrake timeout Status Event alert


Status events is a diagnostic menu of the FuelTech module, in this menu are very important diagnostic information
mainly to find rotation reading problems and installation of electronic throttle.




This function monitors the pressure in a compressed air reservoir, very useful for vehicles equipped with transmissions actuated by compressed air.



- Fix of the error when using only FTSPARK A the datalogger would show FTSPARK B channels

- Fix of the error in the FTSPARK – Output test menu when using with FT450
- Fix of the configuration error when using 2-step button as custom
- Fixed the error of the real time cursor being in the wrong spot in the MAP/TPS Ignition compensation screen



After executing the program, Windows Defender SmartScreen may display a warning message when installing FT Manager.

Here are the steps to follow to install FT Manager if this happens to you:

A - Click More info link:


B - Click the Run anyway and wait for the installation to finish:


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