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New Release VR/Hall Converter!

April 09, 2020

The VR/HALL converter was designed to read an analog VR signal and transform it to a digital signal (Hall). Recommended when using VR speed sensors (found in most ABS systems) or when using VR fuel flow meters.

Advantages of using the FuelTech VR / Hall Converter:

➡ Save using the car's original sensors;

➡ Without adaptations, keep the original ABS system sensors and phonic wheel of the car;

➡ Easy installation

➡ Stable signal for programmable injection to accurately monitor wheel speed reading or measure fuel flow

➡ Avoid lights on the car dashboard, keep the original sensors for the car's original ECU in parallel with the FuelTech programmable injection

➡ Use all the features of the active traction control present in the FuelTech injection modules (PowerFT Line), improving the traction of the car on the street or track.