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New records shattered in MIR Import vs Domestic

November 01, 2013

Over 500 cars and over 30,000 people attended this major event.


The FuelTech crew came ready to support the many cars equipped with our systems. During test runs we knew it was going to be a great weekend.

La Atrevida, one of the most loved and famous starlets made a personal best of 7.17s, showing the audience that rotarys are also part of the Fueltech family. 

On the fwd side, the CRX single cam from TampaBay Florida made solid 9.7s passes demonstrating that you dont need a big motor to run with the rest. Also the MechTech Civic, ran its personal best with a 8.8s  In only less than 8 passes it has demonstrated the capability of our traction control system with a 1.4s 60' foot. 

On the Pro categories, Lucimar Honda Civic showed that a 4 cyl can hold its own against a category of 6/8 cylinder engines. The car was constant all weekend and ran a personal best of 7.04 at 202.8 mph on its first elimination run. One by one he defeated his opponents, but the Pro24 Dattalogger was showing a major problem with the clutch system. It was this issue that caused a loss on the way to the semifinals. 

Overall, the 3 main categories were won by import cars, and all FuelTech equipped cars ran their fastest times, demonstrated consistency and great teamwork among all the different teams.