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New FT500, FT500LITE and FT600 update

June 15, 2018

Follow the steps below to update the module:

Step 1 - Before update the ECU, back up the maps and logs in the module: It`s recommended to back up all the important maps and logs contained in the FT500, FT500LITE or FT600 the update won`t delete the maps, but will delete the logs.

Step 2 - Download version 3.4 of FTManager: Download the new version in the "Software> FTManager" menu at FuelTech site or CLICK HERE to download the new version.


Step 3: Open the FTManager software and plug the USB cable into the ECU, click in "Tools" tab and then the icon "ECU Updater".  


New Features

  • Active traction control:

The active traction control was developed to control slip in several levels for the maximum traction, thus adapting the available traction conditions as it seeks to maintain the constant slip as a percentage of traction wheel speed and reference wheel speed difference.

Using the reference speed of the vehicle by reading a reference wheel speed (rear wheel in a front-wheel drive vehicle, slower wheel drive in an all-wheel drive vehicle or front wheel in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that does not lose contact with the track for a long time). For vehicles that wheelie a lot, the front wheel stays a long time in the air, making it a not so good speed reference, so the control uses the FT600's built-in accelerometer (which allows it to calculate acceleration speed without any external sensor in launch mode).

The control seeks to maintain a target slip percentage to maintain maximum vehicle acceleration. As an example, if the reference speed is 60mph and the traction speed is 66mph, then the slip is 10%.

The control initiates when the slip exceeds the initial value, after this it starts to consider the target slip % programmed in the tables according to each mode:

* Mode by time after launch: for drag racing vehicles

* Mode by engine RPM: for road racing and street

* Mode by vehicle velocity: for road racing, street and drag racing.

            Each mode of the control has up to 6 target slip tables, used according to the current engaged gear and allowing to have a target slip table per gear or to be used with an external selection switch either in the dashboard, by external button or analog sensor. This allows an external and easy adjustment level for different conditions, for example dry or wet road racing, street or drag racing.

            The control still has other settings:

  • Minimum RPM: The control allows a slip over the programmed value for low speeds. It is the minimum RPM that the engine can sustain enough power to keep the traction wheel spinning and still have a good launch.
  • Minimum and maximum speed: The control is deactivated below the minimum speed and above the maximum speed
  • Deactivation after gear shift: Allows you to momentarily deactivate the traction control immediately after a gear shift
  • Activation time after launch: Allows keeping the traction control deactivated for a few seconds after the launch so other launch controls can still be used (use this in case you have a very consistent launch control you want to keep using).


Vehicle speed based slip target table #1

The traction control can be activated through: external switch or button, dashboard, only on valid launch or remain always activated.

  • New hi-resolution engine power control method available:
    • Ignition timing retard control at high resolution per cylinder allows to assist or replace the traditional ignition cut for 2-step, 2-step burnout and 3-step, applying ignition timing so retarded that they act as a engine RPM limiter by not generating power on the engine.
    • Advantages:
      • Considerably reduces the turbo spool time in a transbrake/2-step rev limiter.
      • Keeps the cylinders and spark plugs in conditions of maximum efficiency, never get wet because they always fire
      • Allows to lower the limiter RPM or make more boost at the same RPM.
      • Smooth the 2-step limiter operation for less vibration


  • Street car package:
    • Total and partial hour meter: records the hours and minutes that the engine ran.

    • Total and partial odometer

    • Addition of the new maintenance password: protects the edit of the total hour meter and total odometer.
    • High and low beam (default sensor with indication of the side LEDs of the FT600)
    • Right and left blinkers (default sensor with indication on the side LEDs of the FT600)
    • Default engine water pressure sensor

  • Pit Limit:
    • Sets the limit speed at the push of a button. It allows the use of an external button for road racing cars when they have to respect the speed limit in the pits and can also be used in street cars as a safety speed limiter (for example for valet) with an activation switch.
    • Can be setup on the side LED of the FT600 (LED is ON when button is pressed and flashing when the control is working)

  • PWM fan control:
    • Allows the setup of a PWM output for different temperatures and for when the Air Conditioning is switched on. 

  • Generic outputs:
    • New feature that allows to configure up to 8 outputs by associating an input (white input or SwichPanel-8) and an output and setting up the actuation form, either switch or button mode.
    • Can be used to activate outputs through the ECU such as headlights, watercooler water pump, or any device that is manually operated.

  • Added compatibility with OEM CAN on FT600:
    • C7 Corvette
    • Camaro (5th generation)
    • Cadillac CTS-V 2009

  • External MAP configuration option:
    • Default sensors: GM 1 bar, GM 1.05 bar, GM 2 bar, GM 3 bar, GM 3.05 bar or custom available to use an external MAP sensor
    • Digital filter configuration option and smoothing levels for internal or external MAP sensors



  • FTManager update notification:
    • Automatic checking for new versions of FTManager available for download.

  • NHRA:
    • Version that complies with NHRA's 2018 regulation, where only approved products can be used, FuelTech is NHRA approved EFI.



  • Ignition Compensation on Gear Shift:
    • Added a table of up to 8 cells of timing retard by gear shift, allowing greater power control after a gear shift

  • Gear shift output:
    • New configurations available: cut duration, timing during ignition cut and cut percentage can now be adjusted individually for each gear, allowing perfect adjust for vehicles that need small cut times in high gears, such as motorcycles.

  • Staging control:
    • Configurable maximum operating time (to prevent transbrake solenoid overheating)
    • Increment of actuation intensity for every button press (configurable), developed for situations where the transmission had some behavior change and the configured level is not enough to move the vehicle in the normal number of button presses to the alignment button.
    • Possibility of setting a side LED on the FT600 indicating when the function is active
    • Created a checkbox of when to activate (2-step, 3-step), now allowed to be used in 3-step (previously it was always 2-step and 3-step).


  • Burnout mode:
    • Added configuration that allows the burnout mode to be enabled when the ECU is turned on, useful for drag racing cars.


  • Gear detection:
    • Gear increment delay configuration after a gear shift detection now allows perfect synchronization between the signal for shifting and the effective gear shift
    • New time-out limit for gear detection, from 10ms to 1ms


  • O2 Closed loop:
    • Option to turn off or freeze the o2 correction compensation for a defined duration after the detection of an acceleration fuel enrichment, allowing to keep the o2 closed loop active in cars that that have small TPS signal variations, but the O2 sensor remains with reading stable.


  • Datalogger:
    • Option to automatically delete LOG memory when it reaches 100%, recommended for those who want to always keep logging in the vehicle avoiding losing the last pull data when the memory gets full.
    • New channels:
      • Tire temperature of 4 wheels
      • Track temperature
      • ECU 5V output of internal ECU to sensors
      • Pump fuel enrichment status
      • Fuel decay injection status
      • Fuel deceleration cut-off status
      • Idle speed control status
      • Post-start enrichment status


  • Improved memory recording routine allowing more high-resolution channels recording

  • Idle control:
    • Added option to disregard vehicle speed for idle control input and output
    • Added default opening values for each actuator type (ETC, PWM and Step Motor)


  • Output activated by time:
    • Added 0-12V selection for output


  • 2-Step:
    • Added maximum electronic throttle position during 2-step
    • RPM limiter control logic now use the hi-resolution engine power control method.
    • New hi-resolution engine power control method available


  • EGT alert:
    • Allows the selection of the general channel, left and right (previously only the individual cylinders were considered)
    • EGT average now disregards the disconnected sensors


  • FTManager:
    • Import settings from another map:
      • RPM settings
      • Input and output settings
      • Datalogger settings
      • Dashboard settings

    • Redesign of time-based controls for usability
      • Added option to enable and disable feature at same screen

      • Added option to view or hide a curve at same screen
    • New adjustment of data conversion of each channel of a recorded log that makes it possible to change the readings according to change of some parameter after the log is recorded
      • For example to correct the driveshaft RPM when changing the crown and pinion ratio and want to redo launch controls based on an old log file.
    • Improvement in the USB protocol, making it more stable in high EMI environments.
    • Added option to set default values in tables while reading a corrupted map file.
  • General improvements:
    • Cam sync configuration can now be set as not used for rotary engine with crank triggers with missing tooth
    • Created 3-step time-out time after launch to avoid accidental 3-step activation during a validated launch



  • Diagnostic panel during cranking: errors are only displayed when cranking, when the engine is running, a message is displayed indicating that in this situation errors are to be seen in the log file
  • Recognition of CAN equipment takes place periodically and not only at startup (improved communication initialization of the FT500 with the GearController)
  • Corrected problem that prevented the operation of the fuel injection disabling on engine start when TPS is above x%
  • Correcting the automatic log initialization after deleting all logs and reaching the starting point without turning off the module
  • Corrected MAP-enabled output function when the 2 values are equal
  • Corrected the association of Idle actuator pins (stepper motor) that were going to blue 8, gray 1 to 3 and should be in yellow 1 to 4
  • Fixed update of active components on the dashboard screen
  • Corrected the interface popup display when sending a map from the FTManager (the window remained in the foreground until the part was restarted)
  • Channel name changed (in log) from "Cut - cardan limiter" to "Cut - speed" and "Cut - Wheel / Cardan" (when selected for speed)
  • Corrected shutdown of closed loop control when idling
  • Fixed issue that prevented ECU initialization if ignition set to FTSPARK and no ignition output set.


Then execute the program, Windows Defender SmartScreen may display a warning message when installing FT Manager.

Here are the steps to follow to install FT Manager if this happens to you:

A - Click More info link:

B - Click the Run anyway and wait for the installation to finish:





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