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Making Records in Dominican Republic

March 31, 2014

In a country where drag racing is growing and 6 cylinder import engines are the normal, team NYMSA with their 4 cylinder Toyota engine stands out as the country's fastest import. Using a FT400 last year they broke their country record many times until becoming the first import to run 7 seconds in Dominican Republic. This year with their goals set on the championship, they detuned the car to run the 8.50 category. On march 29 they qualified #1 with a 8.58 and went to the finals winning the event and leading the points championship. "We were focused on records last year,now we want the championship. With the Tech Support from FuelTech and hard work from our team, we feel confident we will have a good season" said team owner Zoilo Nunez.


Congratulations to the team on a successful weekend.

Team NYMSA Toyota uses: 
FT Peak n Hold 
FT SparkPro-4 
BoostController 2 
FT WB-O2 Meter Slim