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How to make your project look even better - FuelTech SwitchPanel

August 26, 2021

FuelTech offers a full line of products to help make your racecar better and one of its most popular accessories is the FT SwitchPanel. Offered in three sizes with the numeric designation representing the number of buttons—SwitchPanel-8 Mini, -5 Mini, and -4 Mini—the FT SwitchPanel is compatible with all PowerFT ECUs (FT450, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT600) through FTCAN 2.0.

One of the most common questions that FuelTech representatives field on a daily basis is how to configure the buttons on the SwitchPanel. Cameron Lohrmann, the head of tech support at FuelTech, put together an instructional video walking you through its configuration with the PowerFT software. In this short video Lohrmann sets up a simple fan function using basic inputs and outputs. There are several standard button options already programmed into the software, however users can customize each one for their specific use.

If you’re unfamiliar with the SwitchPanel products, they are popular for a reason—they work very well. The dimensions make it easy to mount in a variety of areas of your racecar cockpit or dyno cell, but still feature large buttons that can be easily depressed while wearing fire-retardant racing gloves.

FuelTech outfits the SwitchPanel with predefined labels but it also offers the ability to create custom names to fit any application. Each button is illuminated with an LED light, making each function easily identifiable and the color varies based on the programmed function. The SwitchPanel also saves several inputs and acts as an input expander for your PowerFT ECU. All panels offer IP67 protection against water and dust, including full immersion up to one meter for up to one hour.

SwitchPanel Mini is compatible with all the features present in the PowerFT line ECUs. All buttons can be configured, such as 2-step, Air Conditioning, Boost +, Engine start button, switch dashboard screen, etc. Switch type functions are also supported such as the day / night mode button, Burnout, Progressive Nitrous, internal data logger, etc.

From record-breaking performances and championships at all levels of motorsports with its PowerFT ECUs to accessories that make your racecar better, that is the reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere