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Honda Day, April 2013

April 19, 2013

The winter is usually a time to relax and rest, with many holidays along the way.

For the Florida crew at TampaBay / Area51 it was also mixed with lots of work, testing and tunning. They know that to be comptetitive among the top hondas in the world they have to work hard in their off season. This exactly what they did on the weekend of April 13, 2013.  It is called Honda Day. This is where the best of the best come to race, this is what is all about. Many teams prepare all year just for this weekend, and the FuelTech sponsored Honda Civic was ready to run. They drove 18 long hours from Florida to New Jersey, their only goal was to Win the prestigious event.

On saturday they qualified with a strong #3 position, so they decided to stay with that spot and give it all they had on eliminations next day. On sunday they won every round, they improved their personal best with a 8.96 at 174mph,while going to the final round and eliminating the number one contender. Due to a mechanical issue they got 1st runner up.

We want to congratulate all the crew for their effort making this happen. We will see you again in the next race. Stay tuned!