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FuelTech wins 12 Hours of Tarumã Brazil!

December 20, 2018

Another historical 12 Hours of Tarumã Brazil happened this weekend in Brazil. This marks the 38th edition on one of the hottest days of the year. A new speed and lap record were recorded with 591 total laps!

Team MC Tubarão won for the fifth time (1992, 2010, 2011, 2017 and 2018) with their prototype #5 running FuelTech FT600. Their car was general winner and P1 class winner!

The prototype #5 is equipped with a Ford Duratec Turbo engine. The drivers, Tiel Andrade, Julio Martini and Matheus Stumpf, beat the other 17 competing drivers. In October 2018, the team decided to change their engine management system to a FuelTech FT600 and even being close to this big race, the team made switch successfully and won the race!


Among all the FuelTech FT600 resources used at the track, the active traction control, pit limit and safety alerts helped a lot the drivers achieve the best result. The driver, Tiel Andrade, stated:

Beyond all the resources the team was already aware of, they were surprised with the reduction of tire consumption using active traction control during the 12 hours:

Besides the FuelTech FT600, the prototype #5 also uses SwitchPanel-8 and Wideband conditioner WB-02 Nano


The 2nd place in general and 1st at P2 class was MRX #75 driven by Juliano Moro, Henrique Assunção and Claudio Ricci. The car has less power compared to the P1 class cars. The Cosworth Motorcar engine is managed by a FuelTech FT500 system and didn't make the race easier to the leader, they fought until the end of the race!

The prototype #56 built by Team Motorcar, driven by Gustavo Frey, Gustavo Simon and Rafael Simon, conquered 2nd place in P3 class and 5th in general; racing with VW AP 8v engine managed by FuelTech FT600.

First place in GT4 class was won by prototype Aldee #118 that belongs to Kreuz family, J.Kreuz/R.Kreuz/E.Kreuz/N.Kreus. The car has a VW AP 8v engine with FuelTech FT500, built and tuned by Team Overboost.

The GM Monza #146 with a FuelTech FT350 was driven by D. da Silva/D.Reis/R.Correa/E.Cardoso and raced until the end of the race in T1 class.

The famous drag racing speaker Gefereson Kern, also was the announcer of 12 Hours of Tarumã this year, check out his experience:

Pictures: Willian Inácio e Autodynamics. 

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