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FuelTech USA Offers Full Service Dyno Testing Facility to Customers

June 21, 2022

One of the unique advantages of being a FuelTech customer is access to its in-house Mainline Hub Dyno and the unrivaled technical support that FuelTech has become known to provide. The team is continuing to expand its FT Education program, which now includes an Advanced Dyno Training session as an option. Cameron Lohrmann, tech support supervisor, walks viewers through on-site testing at FuelTech USA’s headquarters in Ball Ground, Georgia.

Customers are greeted in the shop to a gallery of unique cars, many are familiar projects from the YouTube channel including the world record holding C8 Corvette. The expansive space is designed specifically for dyno testing and hosting out-of-town guests to the facility. An elevated viewing area provides a comfortable space for customers to enjoy while remaining safe during the dyno pulls. Safety is an important part of the process and the viewing deck keeps spectators clear from the dyno floor.

The facility features a large yard behind the building, providing ample space for truck and trailer combos of all sizes, and making it easy for vehicles can be unloaded. The racecar is rolled inside the building via a ramp and the FuelTech team begins its process to prepare the car for dyno testing. The rear wheels are removed and a special hub adapter is bolted on, which connects the rear axles to the dyno. A large fan is positioned in front of the vehicle, serving two purposes—clear the facility of waste fumes while also simulating airflow over forced induction units and air-cooled systems.

FuelTech keeps popular VP Racing Fuels gasoline and methanol products in stock as well as a nitrous-fill station in the event refills are needed. Customers can purchase FuelTech inventory on-site if they decide to upgrade. The FuelTech tech support staff is part of the complete process and is always accessible for trouble-shooting and technical questions. The tech staff will go through the vehicle and ECU parameters, before it is bolted to the dyno to ensure all systems are good-to-go. Once attached to the dyno hubs, the front-end hoisted slightly in the air. The raised front-end lets the fluids move backwards in the vehicle, much like how they would sit during on-track performances.

A professional driver handles the dyno operation, eliminating the stress for the vehicle owner and allowing him or her to concentrate solely on learning about their FuelTech systems. Additionally, the dyno operator is outfitted in fire/safety gear and equipment. The team warms the car up and performs several dyno pulls before troubleshooting any issues or striving to make the most power the combination is capable of producing.

From record-breaking and world championship winning EFI and other systems to incredible customer service, that is the reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere

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