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FuelTech Sponsors Radial Outlaws Racing Series in 2022 | LIGHTS OUT 13

April 14, 2022

This year the biggest radial events, including the Duck X Productions competitions, are combined to create a championship series dubbed the FuelTech Radial Outlaws Racing Series. The season was supposed to start during the famed US Street Nationals, however, Mother Nature had other plans and the first completed event of the series was the famous Duck X Productions Lights Out 13—Just Send It.

Dozens of FuelTech customers descended upon South Georgia Motorsports Park to chase after big money and championship points and Luis De Leon and Cameron Lohrmann spoke with some of the key players in a variety of categories while the FuelTech media team captured the action on and off the drag strip. In addition to having a vendor spot that offers products and merchandise, the FuelTech team is available for tech support to keep racers on the fast track. The company’s customer support program is an industry leading service off track in addition to a strong on-site presence at big events such as Lights Out.

In the video the first interview is with Kenny Hubbard, who hails from Texas and brings two flawless rides to the Radial Outlaws Racing Series. The first is a ProCharger supercharged Nova that he drives in X275 while the second entry, a mid-80s Monte Carlo SS, is driven by his daughter in Ultra Street. The next interview is with Radial vs. The World badass Norm Bryson and his incredible Pat Musi Racing powered C7 Corvette. The massive nitrous engine displaces 959ci and helped propel Bryson to a personal best of 3.57 at over 206 mph!

Next interview is with a unique racing family that consists of Jack Greene, Xavier McBride, and Neil Hawkins as they bring nitrous, turbo, and supercharged cars to a variety of categories. The group is as diverse as you’ll find in racing and they focus on having fun and camaraderie. FuelTech has featured their Caddy CTS-V and nitrous-equipped Limited Drag Radial Mustang on its Mainline Hub Dyno testing videos. The third team car is a four-door Chevy Impala with a twin turbocharged big-block Chevy and it is driven by Hawkins.

The final interview features Pro Line Racing’s Eric Dillard as he handles the driving chores in Scott Tidwell’s 1969 Camaro. The car holds the Pro 275 record and Dillard breaks down some of the strategy behind racing and tuning a high-powered radial car and the benefits of running a FuelTech system.

Most racers in attendance rely on an FT600 or one of its companion ECUs—FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450—and each has an impressive line-up of standard features including sequential injection and ignition, O2 Closed Loop, data logger, delay box, Boost Controller, Nitrous Controller, and so much more. FuelTech’s extensive list of features has helped change the game in the aftermarket ECU market, as proven by the success in various motorsports with championships and record-breaking performances.

FuelTech also offers an extensive line of support products to go with its engine management systems. One of the most popular is the FTSPARK with two versions to fit the most powerful engines in outlaw racing. It also offers an assortment of sensors and Peak and Hold units to fit high impedance fuel injectors. The product line is extensive and includes all add-ons needed for a mild muscle car up to a 5,000HP twin turbo HEMI combination.

From the championship ranks of NHRA to the newly formed FuelTech Radial Outlaws Racing Series, there is a reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere