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FuelTech first run on Extreme Outlaw, with wins!

May 20, 2015

Jay Cox’s Pro Mod Camaro debuted with FT500 this weekend during Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod (EOPM), where he won the highlight being the fastest car in the event, with time 3,74s @ 200mph in the 1/8 mile and second in Pro Nitrous class. It is the fastest car FuelTech FT500 in 1/8 mile!

V8 engine NA + Nitrous - Buck Racing Engines

Fuel: Gas 

ECU: FuelTech FT500  

The next race of Jay Cox and his Camaro will be on ADRP event on May 30th in Saint Louis, MO. In addition to Jay Cox, will be present Jim Bell’s Camaro, Kevin Fiscus’ Mustang and Chris Patrick’s Camaro, all with FT500 in the race!