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FuelTech Expands Worldwide Tech Support with Nathaniel Ardern

August 02, 2022

It is no secret that FuelTech is renowned for customer support and its expanding FuelTech Education program, which re-launched following the global pandemic. Recently, FuelTech’s Advanced Dyno Training program has garnered an incredible amount of attention with its unique opportunity for testing vehicles and educating the owner/crew on the FuelTech PowerFT engine management’s capabilities. Coming on the heels of the successful launch of those programs is the announcement of FuelTech’s worldwide growth with Nathaniel Ardern as an FT technical support representative who’s based in Australia.

Luis de Leon (FueTech USA's COO), Nathaniel Ardern (FuelTech USA's Tech Support Coordinator) & Anderson Dick (FuelTech USA's CEO) | July 12th, 2022

Ardern is no stranger to the FuelTech brand, having worked with its products since 2013, he officially joined FuelTech USA—remotely—in 2020. His geographical location enables the Georgia-based group to reach worldwide customers more efficiently and offer near 24-hour customer support. In addition to Ardern’s technical support responsibilities, he manages the marketing, promotion, sponsorship, and sales for the Australian dealer network.

The FT Education program is in full swing and Ardern made a surprise visit to the United States to assist in the teaching sessions. Currently there are two programs offered—Base Tune and Wiring + Tune from Scratch. The Base Tune program is a three-day course that takes students through the PowerFT engine management system. Topics include picking the proper ECU, FT Manager software and in-depth instruction, fuel and timing tuning principles, base map creation, tuning examples from start-to-finish, power adder and fuel type specific examples, and much more. The second program is all of that plus electrical principles, wiring routines, the ins and outs of FTSPARK, Spark Pro, and SmartCoils, fuel injector basics, relays, proper grounding, sensors, diagrams, and wiring preparation! All FT Education programs are currently offered at FuelTech USA’s facility in Ball Ground, Georgia.

From the biggest drag races in the United States to supporting racers and enthusiasts on the other side of the world in Australia, incredible customer technical support is the reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere