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FuelTech EFI System at the Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge 2014

October 10, 2014

Who expected a Gen III Hemi to come in and put the smack-down on Jon Kaase’s 599ci Boss Ford? That’s what just happened here at Engine Masters 2014, where Bradley Built Engines just took the top spot in Day 4 of qualifying, bumping the big Boss to second spot.

One look was all it took to recognize that Bradley Nagel’s Gen III Hemi was going to be a serious competitor in the 2014 Engine Masters Challenge. From the towering Mopar Drag Pack intake to the layers of high-tech electronic engine controls, this engine was destined to display the potential of Chrysler’s new Hemi. The FuelTech EFI System worked fuel and spark at each cylinder individually, while a full array of digital displays showed the numbers as the data logging system recorded all. Mechanically, it had a factory 5.7 block taken to 417 cubes with a 4.250-inch K1 crank. An LSM hydraulic roller delivers 0.850-inch lift – more than enough to tap into serious flow from the ThiTek worked production 6.4L heads.

During the 35-minute Engine Masters dyno qualifying session, the mighty Mopar immediately displayed a show of force, crowding the 700 horsepower mark right out or the chute. With tuner Scott Clark working the keyboard, the high-tech Hemi poured on more power with each click of the keyboard. Taking advantage of a rule allowing time saved during qualifying to be added to the team’s clock in the finals, Bradley stopped the clock midway through the qualifying dyno session to give him more time to fiddle with it during the eliminations. With 709 peak horsepower showing, Bradley’s engine made its point, while the 2892.5 score was enough to capture the lead in the present standings. 

Builder: Bradley Built Engines

Engine Type: Gen III Mopar Hemi

Claimed Displacement: 417 3.950×4.25

Block: OE 5.7L Mopar

Compression Ratio: 11.50:1

Crankshaft: K1

Connecting Rods: Information not provided

Pistons and Rings: Speed Pro and Total Seal

Camshaft: LSM hydraulic roller, 240/248 duration at 0.050

Cylinder Heads: ThiTek, ported

Intake Manifold: Mopar Performance, ported

EFI: FuelTech

Headers: 1.750 to 1.875 step, 3-inch collectors

Amsoil Oil: 5w20

Average Peak Horsepower Over Three Pulls: 708.67

Average Peak Torque Over Three Pulls: 614.33

Score: 2892.5


Article from: HotRod | David Freiburger

Congratulations to the teams and members participating in the 2014 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Presented by HOT ROD magazine! we are very proud of the results!

Watch the video:

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