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Dragmania @Texas

May 27, 2013

This weekend, 25th and 26th of May, Arcángel, Plan B, Rkm & Ken-y, Zion & Lennox, Natti Natasha and Don Omar showed at the Motorplex track, in Texas. The event combined car racing with music: this was the second Dragmania made this year. Don Omar was the star of the weekend, with tremendous artistic and race performance.

Don Omar participated with his new car “Mr. President”, who broke his own record three times and was the big champion of the weekend. The multi-awarded artist went thru the passes with constant E.T. improvements.
The first eliminatory round was won with a 7s10@190 mph pass, but Don Omar had a lot more to show. In the second eliminatory Mr. President defeated El Nachi, with a fantastic 6s98@195 mph pass.

Don Omar´s best E.T. of the race was in the semi final, when he raced 6s87@198 mph against New Ian. The big final of Outlaw vs Extreme was between Don Omar and Kevin Hargett (Mustang twin turbo), who raced 6s93 in his semi final. The Mustang went too early at the three and watched Mr. President run 6s92@194 mph.


Mr. President is sponsored by Mech-Tech College and uses FuelTech´s products to achieve maximum performance. The car runs a 2JZ engine, gas Q16, 88mm Precision Turbo and two gear automatic transmission. The performance was incredible for this set-up. Heraldo Bueno, FuelTech´s tuner, and Tony Negron, FuelTech´s manager, joined Don Omar´s team at Texas Motorplex: “It was a really good race for us, with constant performance. FuelTech´s traction control improved the 60´s feet time to 1s03, that was a huge gain. The whole crew and components worked flawlessly to achieve the title. I´m sure the car has will give us much more wins in the future ”.

Mr. President has:
    FT400 ECU
    FuelTech BoostController2
    FuelTech PRO24 Datalogger
    FuelTech SparkPRO 6
    FuelTech Wide Band O2 Meter Slim
    FuelTech EGT x 6