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Derek Menholt’s ProCharger Blown 1968 Camaro!

June 03, 2020

Nearly two years ago Derek Menholt went for a wild ride in his twin turbocharged Camaro and we are happy to report that he is back in action for 2020!

Menholt Motorsports took delivery of a brand-new Tim McAmis Race Cars 1968 Camaro and it is painted in their traditional orange hue. The brightly colored machine spent time at RK Racecraft/Homier Fabrications where a Pro Line Racing HEMI was fastened between the frame rails. The shop “turn-keyed” the menacing machine including the charge piping for the ProCharger F-3X and the installation of a FuelTech engine management system.

Powered by FuelTech FT600 & FTSPARK!

They chose the FT600 for its versatility and integrated features that include digital display, traction control, boost control, and data acquisition. Cramming nearly 60 psi of boost into the HEMI engine requires a strong ignition system and the team picked up an FTSPARK-8 to handle that task. The ultra powerful ignition system is connected to the FT600 via a CAN bus connection and it is capable of producing up to 600mj of energy.

FuelTech SwitchPane-5 Mini

The lightweight SwitchPanel-5 Mini not only saves weight but is connected to the FT600 via CAN bus and helps expand the input capabilities of the engine management system. The high-quality switch panel uses LED lighting and offers dozens of expandable options such as nitrous control, traction control, engine start button, and internal logger activation. Keep an eye on the biggest Pro Mod races this summer to see how fast Menholt can push his 3,000+ HP combination.