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Cockpit P1 3.0 FuelTech Edition

July 17, 2020

ESR Advanced Sim Racing Cockpit P1 3.0 is one of the most advanced cockpits designed to date. It features rock solid carbon steel construction on the chassis, a wide shoulder racing seat with thick padding, adjustable seat mounting, adjustable pedal plate & wheel deck plate.






The cockpit comes complete with all the accessories available that includes TV Stand with back tray to place your computer or console, an incredible trinket holder to support your cell phone, wallet, joysticks and remote controls in addition to an additional Gear Shifter mount and mouse tray and also the articulated Keyboard Tray, all with comfort and organization in mind for our clients. This cockpit features construction that has been Manufactured with extreme precision for a very stability sim racing experience. With our No-Flex Technology, this cockpit will take the abuse from hard racing.  

✔️ Precision Manufactured No-Flex Carbon Steel Chassis - ROCK SOLID PERFORMANCE!
✔️ Wide racing seat with thick padding, seat sliders and angle adjustment.
✔️ Wheel Deck - Height, tilt & depth adjustable.
✔️ Extremely powder coat finish.
✔️ Pedal deck with length & angle adjustment.
✔️ Integrated TV Stand with back tray for console or PC. Suitable for TV sizes up to 55" (ESR Proprietary Design)
✔️ Shifter Mount integrated into Wheel Deck. (ESR Proprietary Design)
✔️ Cup holder integrated into Wheel Deck. (ESR Proprietary Design)
✔️ Additional Shifter Mount with mouse tray. (ESR Proprietary Design)
✔️ Articulated Keyboard Tray. (ESR Proprietary Design)
✔️ Trinket Tray. (ESR Proprietary Design)
✔️ Rubber leveling base, perfect for stability
✔️ High quality hardware.
✔️ Non-Stick Polyurethane Bushings to prevent metal-on-metal sticking during adjustments.
✔️ Compatible and drilled for all major brands, including Logitech®, Thrustmaster® & Fanatec®
IMPORTANT: FANATEC CSL ELITE, DD1 and DD2 owners must buy a separate mounting plate for full compatibility, click here for the CSL Elite Mounting Plate.


  • 1 ESR Advanced Sim Racing Cockpit P1 3.0 FUELTECH EDITION with Racing Seat
  • TV Stand with back tray
  • Trinket Tray
  • Additional Gear Shifter mount with mouse tray
  • Articulated Keyboard Tray
  • 1 Manual.
  • All screws, nuts, bolts & hex key to complete the assembly.

Over 12 years developing, manufacturing and selling racing simulators!

Extreme Simracing has been in the Sim Racing Rigs market for over 12 years and in 2018 started operations in the United States.

During this period we seek to evolve our products according to the market needs and the United States has been a great partner to help us in this evolution.

“Our DNA comes from eSports, from Extreme Simracing we live real and virtual races 24 hours a day since our opening and this partnership with FuelTech has been showing this, the real mixing with the virtual”, says Kiko Tocci, CEO of Extreme Simracing in the United States.

“We are happy to be able to show this partnership that began to be designed three years ago in Brazil and now to be able to launch exclusively to the American market a quality product with a strong brand which is FuelTech which has the same DNA as Extreme, where both companies are passionate about racing”, affirms Afonso Rodrigues and Fabian Baquetti, CEO Extreme Simracing Brazil.

“We believe that this is the first appearance of the two brands together, as we know that we have a lot in common and many new projects to carry out in partnership”, complements Kiko Tocci.

We at Extreme Simracing wish a very warm welcome to FuelTech to the world of virtual racing!”







$1,249.00 or Starting at $110/mo