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Charged Up—FuelTech Swaps Dual EV Crate Motors into a 1992 Mustang GT

December 07, 2021

FuelTech has been pushing technology in the high-performance automotive sector for nearly two decades with its PowerFT line of engine management systems. It has won at the highest levels of motorsports, including professional drag racing, and has provided EFI and ignition solutions for a wide variety of powerplants like nitro-burning motorcycles. It should be no surprise that their next performance segment to conquer is the rapidly developing electric vehicle market.

The FuelTech team is proud to unveil its latest in-house R&D project, a 1992 Mustang GT that they’re converting from a gasoline-burning engine to a dual-motor 600-plus HP plug-in EV—using the Ford Performance Eluminator crate motors—and it is going to be AWD! The conversion will undoubtedly show off the engineering prowess of the FuelTech team and continue to prove the incredible capabilities of their PowerFT line of products. Using a Fox Mustang was an easy choice as it is hailed as one of the greatest platforms in the exciting high-performance aftermarket. From its distinguished look to the availability of components to make it better and faster, it has certainly taken its place in the history books of the car hobby.

Luis De Leon, FuelTech’s Chief Technology Officer, slipped behind the wheel to give his initial impression of the vintage Mustang 5.0 in stock form. They found the car in Florida, originally advertised as a single owner despite the CarFax showing two names on the title, and it has a touch over 36,000 miles. The vehicle is very well maintained and 100% stock down to the factory air silencer assembly. Luis ran the car on FuelTech’s Mainline Hub Dyno at its Ball Ground, Georgia facility where the 302 High Output produced 205.1 WHP.

The goal is to keep the car’s appearance as stock as possible, right down to the factory 16-inch Pony wheels and the untouched interior. An FT600 unit will be mounted in the radio stack and will be the only visual hint that something is amiss with the innocent looking Mustang. The FT600, FT550, and FT450 engine management systems come standard with an LCD display and touchscreen, showing real-time data and allowing the user to make adjustments without a PC connection. Additionally, the FT600 has SUPERSEAL automotive connectors that add up to 68 pins (20 sensor inputs and 32 outputs), accelerometer and gyroscope, 2 CAN networks, and a built-in GearController.

The FT600 will forgo its normal tasks like sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Boost Controller, Nitrous Controller, and other engine parameters. However, the team will rely heavily on the FT600 power management capabilities. The same traction control used on record-setting drag cars will be employed to keep all four tires glued to the pavement. The ECU will also regulate the voltage to build a power curve due to the instant torque capabilities of electric motors. Data is also important in any high-performance application and the FT600 will operate in its normal capacity by logging all vehicle sensors.

The powertrain’s main ingredient will be the Ford Performance Eluminator, with an engine driving the front wheels and one mounted in the rear. A custom setup up front is required and the Pony wheels and brake assembly will be modified to accept the drive axles. Out back, FuelTech is ditching the 8.8-inch housing and stock suspension in favor of an IRS setup. Follow the FuelTech YouTube channel for the latest videos on the EV-powered Fox Mustang as it goes from concept to reality.

From fossil fuel burning, championship winning motorsports to applying FuelTech ECU’s capabilities to the fast moving EV market is the reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere