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A Background in Drag Racing, A Future In All Motorsports!

June 23, 2020

Drag racing is the most popular forms of motorsports in the United States and it is the motorsports discipline in which FuelTech USA built its brand.

Countless event wins and record-breaking performances fuel the innovation in products like the FT600 to the sportsman-friendly FT450 engine management systems. But the story doesn’t end with a pair of parachutes stopping a drag car, it continues as FuelTech forges its way into all forms of motorsports and they are bringing the passion and innovation along for the ride.


When the market needed superior and advanced ignition technology, FuelTech released its FTSPARK with up to 600mj of energy, an industry first for a CDI ignition system. The engine management systems—FT600, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450—are all-inclusive ECUs that feature sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Data Logger, Delay Box, Boost Controller, Nitrous Controller, and much more. The ECU also acts as a digital display in FT600, FT550, and FT450 engine management units.

FuelTech FTSPARK Ignition System!

FuelTech FTSPARK - The Best Ignition System!

FuelTech technology and customer service is being applied to jet skis, snowmobiles, road racing vehicles, side-by-side UTVs, and so many more high-performance markets.

The team won’t stop until #FuelTechEverywhere