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2009 World Street Nationals

April 05, 2009

It was a very hot weekend at Orlando Speed World race track considering the weather, the great cars and its drivers that showed up for racing. The trials started by thursday and the drivers did let very clear that they were looking for records and hard heads up competition from the begining. 

FuelTech's staff was there to watch the race and develop its business core through the race teams and all motorsports enthusiasts, who will be in touch soon with our New Generation Products Line from the 2009 PRI Trade Show in Orlando,FL.

We could see many race teams developing the cars performance during all the weekend and going to the finals with all the merit for their well done jobs, amazing driving performances and some little accidents, in a very well managed event, where just a few interruptions occurred and all the race track staff was always ready to act. 

There were cars for all type of enthusiasts, Mustangs, Camaros, Dodges and many other domestic performed models. We couldn't let to mention the amazing Imports show, where small engined cars runned low 7's passes over 190mph many times.

FuelTech congratulates all the Teams, Drivers, Record Setters, Organizers and Enthusiasts for this awesome Event, where the blown and NA cars hardly dueled all the time. We'd say a special thanks for all Brazilian friends, race teams and drivers that were there also, carrying the FuelTech's flag for everywhere. Nice to see you there guys!! 

We're ansiously waiting for the next year's event.