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Yamaha 2024+ 1900 or 1.9L Engine TTR CNC Billet Intake Manifold - 4 Injectors


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Meticulously designed using the most advanced simulation software available, the 4 injector Yamaha TTR CNC Billet Intake Manifold for 2024+ Yamaha 1900 or 1.9L engines sets new performance standards. Featuring internal carbon fiber velocity stacks and a plenum design that maintains perfectly balanced airflow distribution, this intake manifold has been tested and refined in extreme environments, including our own racing jet ski, the FuelTech Compound Turbo and Supercharger.

Key Features:

Reversible Design for Supercharger or Turbo: The reversible design allows the plenum to be mounted for front or rear facing throttle body, making it compatible with common Supercharger or Turbo designs.

Incredible Efficiency: At extreme high boost and RPM, this manifold has demonstrated remarkable airflow distribution, verified by precision data acquisition from exhaust gas temperature sensors. When EGTs are in the range of 1,450 degrees Fahrenheit, temperature fluctuations remain less than 20 degrees. This level of precise airflow distribution is an impressive feat in high performance applications such as racing. 

Power Flexibility: Engineered for use with 4 injectors, simplifying fuel system and wiring complexity. While not required, we recommend using FT injectors for optimal performance. Compatible with any injector size, select injectors based on the desired power level and fuel to supply +1,000hp.  

To calculate which injector is the best for your application click here to use our fuel injector calculator. 

Advanced Compatibility: The manifold seamlessly integrates with traditional RIVA Racing fuel rails and is compatible with FT Injectors, although they may require drilling for an 11mm upper feed (injectors are not included). Sealed with provided O-rings on all flanges, to ensure an airtight seal on the cylinder head, plenum assembly, and throttle body.

Expanded Throttle Body Options: Compatible with the original Yamaha electronic throttle body (SVHO or HO), Ford 82.5mm cable throttle body, or the preferred Bosch Motorsports 68mm electronic throttle body, chosen by enthusiasts and professionals alike.