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SwitchPanel-4 Mini - 4 Button Racing Switch Panel


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  • The SwitchPanel-4 Mini is a 4 button racing switch panel featuring 4 configurable buttons and customizable multicolor LED backlight. The SwitchPanel Mini's buttons are spaced for ease of use while wearing gloves for easy access on the track! Fully compatible with the FT450FT550FT550LITE, and FT600 via FTCAN 2.0, meaning the SwitchPanel Mini does not take up and ECU inputs. IP67 and NEMA6 rated against water and dust. Mounting hardware is included.

  • SwitchPanel Manual
     Switchpanel-4 Mini CAD


The SwitchPanel Mini is a compact racing switch panel with that is compatible with the full PowerFT line of ECUs (FT450, FT500, FT500LITE, FT550 and FT600).

The SwitchPanel-4 Mini, SwitchPanel-5 Mini and SwitchPanel-8 Mini deliver style and function in one. The compact size allows it to be installed almost anywhere, even in tight spaces, with the included mounting hardware. Available with 4, 5 or 8 buttons, each SwitchPanel Mini comes with 55 printed function decals and 10 blank decals, allowing you to create custom labels. LED backlighting for each button can be programmed individually to the color of your choice, making it even easier to identify the correct button while behind the wheel.

Another benefit of the SwitchPanel Mini is the CAN Bus communication capability, allowing the panel to connect to FuelTech ECUs via FTCAN 2.0, saving the ECUs available inputs for other applications.

The SwitchPanel Mini is compatible with the PowerFT line and supports all ECU features. Buttons can be configured to control the function of your choice, such as 2-step, air conditioning, boost +, engine start, switching dashboard screens, and more. Switch type functions are also supported, such as the day / night mode button, Burnout, Progressive Nitrous, internal datalogger, and more!

The SwitchPanel Mini has well-spaced buttons with clear tactile perception and is perfect for use with gloves. It has IP67 protection against water and dust (complete protection against dust and immersion up to 1 meter for up to 1 hour). The case has screws on the back, which allows easy and discreet installation and can be integrated into the dashboard, which makes its design even more professional.

Technical Description

  • Supply Voltage: 12-24Vdc
  • Standby Current: <50mA
  • Communication BUS: FTCAN 2.0
  • CAN connector: 1 Molex male, 1 Molex female
  • Switch Life: Million operations
  • Material: Silicone rubber with polyurethane hardcoat
  • Mounting Studs: #10-32
  • Ingress protection Rating: IP67/NEMA6

Dimensions: 2.70 x 2.70 x 0.82 in

Contents of Packaging

  • 1 SwitchPanel-4 Mini
  • 1 Harness for installation
  • 1 Operation and installation guide
  • 1 Mounting kit (2x #10-32 nuts & washers)
  • 1 SwitchPanel label sheet