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PRO600 GEN III V8 Complete Harness


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  • The FuelTech PRO600 V8 plug and play harness is the best link between your FT600 ECU and V8 engine. It comes pre-terminated to suit a V8 engine with all relays and fuses for a simple 3 wire battery hook up and ignition power. It has a 37-pin firewall connector to make installation an easy task and with the modular construction, adding a second set of injectors or individual coils is as easy as connecting add-on harnesses utilizing the built in output connectors. Each connector has its own label and the connectors and harness insulation are heat, moisture and oil resistant.
  • Now Featuring:
  • ✅ 2 Powered FT CAN connectors interior and exterior.
    • ✅ Dual EGT-4 CAN ready for easy installation.


      • PRO600 GEN II V8 Complete Harness is a harness designed to install a FuelTech FT600 on mostly any racing V8 application. It comes setup for 8 EV1 injectors and can support 16 EV1 injectors using an optional secondary adapter harness
      • It has most of the engine sensors pre-wired: TPS, hall and VR crank trigger, hall and VR cam sync, fuel pressure, oil pressure, wastegate pressure, turbo back pressure, coolant and intake air temperature and more
      • It can be used directly with a distributor type ignition or with additional auxiliary coil harnesses to have coil per cylinder ignition such as smart coils or the FuelTech FTSPARK CDI unit with an additional harness
      • This harness is setup for two nano wide band o2 conditioners and two o2 sensors. You can also use an additional adapter for a dual channel Alcohol o2 with NTK o2 sensors (requires Bosch to NTK adapters)
      • There is an INPUTS connector to custom wire up to 13 additional input channels for the engine or chassis datalogging (i.e. driveshaft RPM, transbrake button, suspension travel sensors, input shaft RPM, staging button and much more)
      • There are 3 additional OUTPUTS connectors to wire custom outputs like wastegate boost control solenoids, transbrake solenoid, dump and lockup valves, gear shift, nitrous stages and more

Contents of Packaging

      • 1 PRO600 GEN III V8 Complete Harness
      • 1 Peak & Hold PRO Jumper
      • 1 8-Way Connector Kit
      • 1 10-Way Connector Kit
      • 1 12-Way Connector Kit
      • 1 16-Way Connector Kit
      • 1 Operation and installation guide