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FT550 4 Cylinder Universal B Expansion Harness


Shipping Cut-Off:  USPS 9:30am EST / UPS 1:00pm EST

  • The FuelTech Universal 4 cylinder B FT550 expansion harness compliments the Universal 4 cylinder A harness with the options to control up to 8 injectors staged sequentially, have direct connection for inbuilt gear controller as well as the additions to inputs and outputs. The harness comes with a relay with a built in fuse for power supply to the extra 4 injectors. The injectors are to be of high impedance only. The Universal 4 cylinder B harness has a label for each connector and the insulation is heat, moisture and oil resistant.
  • FT450/FT550 4 cylinder universal harness Manual

Technical Specifications:


  • FT550 (Connector B)
  • 4 EV1 injectors (for high impedance injectors only)
  • FT CAN B connector
  • GearController sensor connector
  • Extra INPUTS connector to custom wire up to 5 additional input channels for the engine or chassis datalogging (i.e. driveshaft RPM, transbrake button, suspension travel sensors, input shaft RPM, staging button and much more) - Mating connector kit included
  • Extra OUTPUTS connector to custom wire up to 8 additional outputs (i.e. boost control solenoids, transbrake solenoid, dump and lockup valves, gear shift, nitrous stages and more) – Mating connector kit included
  • Relay with fuse for injectors

Attention: This Harness is only compatible with the FT550 ECU and must be used along with FT450/550 4 CYLINDER UNIVERSAL A HARNESS