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FT Blower EFI Injector Manifold


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FuelTech’s FT Blower EFI Injector Manifold accommodates 8 fuel injectors for precise fuel injection directly into the hat of either roots or screw blowers. Each injector can be directed to a desired zone or spray bar, providing targeted fuel delivery. Introducing fuel directly to the hat offers multiple benefits, including cooling the blower, sealing the strips on the supercharger's rotors for maximum boost and efficient power delivery, and lubricating components to reduce wear. Featuring a -16 ORB inlet and -12 ORB outlet for fuel lines, the injector manifold is designed to ensure optimal fuel flow. The manifold accepts injectors with ORING/ORING inlet and outlet for a secure connection. The injector block’s fuel outputs are -4 ORB; once connected to the manifold’s fuel outputs, the fuel lines deliver fuel to the desired zone or spray bar.