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External MAP Sensor, 10 Bar

5005100190-BLK / 5005100023

Shipping Cut-Off:  USPS 9:30am EST / UPS 1:00pm EST

If you are exceeding the limit for your ECU's internal MAP sensor or you want to add an external MAP sensor, the External MAP Sensor, 10 Bar provides critical air pressure data within your intake system up to 135.3 psi. The manifold air pressure data allows your ECU to maintain the optimal air to fuel ratio for combustion. 

*All FuelTech PowerFT ECUs include a 7 bar Internal MAP sensor. 

  • Output: 0.5-4.5V
  • Supply: 5V
  • Range: -14.7 psi to +135.3 psi (0-150 psi absolute)
  • Thread size: 1/8" NPT
Connector Pinout:
  • A - Ground
  • B - 5V
  • C - Signal