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Dyno Waiver

  1. Customer is aware that the dynamometer is designed to apply similar loading to the vehicle, as it will see during operation on the road/track and is susceptible to the same risks as on the road/track.
  2. All tests are performed at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle.
  3. Customer knows and accepts the potential risk of running their vehicle on the dynamometer, which includes but is not limited to engine failure, power train failure, and suspension and tire failure.
  4. Customer knows the condition of their vehicle and assures it is in acceptable condition to run on the dynamometer; FuelTech USA, LLC does not know, nor assumes any such knowledge of the condition of the vehicle being tested.
  5. Customer commits that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full throttle performance during any test performed.
  6. Full race suit and safety equipment is recommended when putting any car on the dyno and mandatory, to NHRA standards, for any race car (i.e. racing fire suit, helmet, gloves, shoes, etc.)
  7. FuelTech USA, LLC is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle or owner during or after any part of the dynamometer testing process, inclusive of any lost in past, current, or future revenue.
  8. Everyone except the driver must remain outside of the dyno area during operation.
  9. Customer will hold harmless FuelTech USA, LLC, its employees, associates, and shareholders free from all liability for any damage that may occur during the dynamometer testing process.