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NGK Racing Spark Plug R6061-10


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NGK racing spark plugs are specifically built to withstand extreme heat and vibration, making them ideal for racing conditions. Remember, NGK Spark Plugs have been powering racing champions and can be found in racing venues worldwide. Their center electrode design ensures durability and ignitability, making them a top choice for high-performance engines. However, please note that these plugs are recommended for racing use only.


  • Special Configurations: NGK Racing plugs offer ultra-high performance across a variety of heat ranges. They use special electrode materials, including precious metals like platinum, iridium, and ruthenium, for greater durability and low voltage requirements.
  • OE Ceramic Technology: The spark plugs feature high-grade alumina silicate ceramic, creating a stronger insulator for optimal dielectric performance.
  • Solid Copper Core: With a 98% pure copper core, these plugs offer superior heat dissipation, conductivity, and ultra-wide heat ranges.
  • Cold-Rolled Threads: The cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads during installation.
  • Trivalent Metal Plating: This plating delivers superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties, ensuring ease of installation and removal.


  • Thread Size: 14mm
  • Reach (in.): 0.750 in. (19.05mm)
  • Heat Range: 10
  • Shorty Spark Plug: No
  • Resistor: No
  • Electrode Tip Material: Nickel alloy
  • Electrode Core Material: Copper
  • Center Electrode Type: Non-projected
  • Spark Plug Seat Style: Gasket
  • Wrench Diameter: 13/16 in.
  • Ground Strap Quantity: One