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IGN1A Inductive Smart Coil


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FuelTech's IGN1A Inductive Smart Coils are the perfect ignition coil for high performance applications, like racing. With up to 175mj of energy and a long spark discharge time of 3.2ms. These coils provide great idle characteristics as well as the power to needed run your engine with high cylinder pressures from boost, nitrous injection or even high strung naturally aspirated applications.

Max dwell can be up to 9ms for short periods of time to extract the maximum output from the coil when under high boost or load. Under normal driving conditions 5ms of dwell is recommended.

At 9ms of dwell time these coils will consume 20 amps each while sending 150mA of current to the spark plug! At 5ms they will consume 8 amps each so make sure you account for that when wiring them up on your vehicle.

Installing these coils with one of our PRO550 or PRO600 Harnesses is a breeze with our plug and play V8 Smart Coil Harness giving you a complete wiring solution for both your engine management and high performance ignition system.

Recommended Dwell Table for IGN1-A Coils:

Recommended  Dwell Table for IGN1-A Coils