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New FT500, FT500LITE and FT600 update

December 22, 2017

Follow the steps below to update the module:

Step 1 - Before update the ECU, back up the maps and logs in the module: It`s recommended to back up all the important maps and logs contained in the FT500, FT500LITE or FT600 the update won`t delete the maps, but will delete the logs.

Step 2 - Download version 3.3 of FTManager: Download the new version in the "Software> FTManager" menu at FuelTech site or CLICK HERE to download the new version.

Step 3: Open the FTManager software and plug the USB cable into the ECU, click in "Tools" tab and then the icon "ECU Updater".  

FT500, FT500LITE and FT600 v3.3 Update:

  • Time based electronic throttle control
    • Allows the user to set a time based maximum throttle opening position of the electronic throttle after using our 2 or 3 step launch function. This allows the throttle to open in a definable progressive position to precisely control engine power when launching at full pedal position.
  • Remote access via FTManager:
    • Now integrated on FTManager, without the need of any additional software, it is possible for two computers with internet access to remotely control FTManager, which makes it easier to analyze datalogs, maps and even share files between the two computers while also exchanging messages via the integrated chat function amongst other things.
    • The user who wants to allow access will click “Allow” button on his FT Manager and inform the other user the 6-digit code to have access to his FT Manager.
  • FT SwitchPanel CAN compatibility:
    • Now it is possible to use our new FT SwitchPanel-8 via CAN as a source of buttons or switches for functions such as 2-step, engine start, datalogger, boost+, burnout, gear reset, map selection and many others.
  • 3-step “Roll Start”:
    • Used on roll start type of racing as anti-lag. The RPM limit is set at the moment the 3-step button is pressed, allowing the speed to be kept, even with full throttle and with maximum power. This is useful on turbocharged cars where it is necessary to launch with boost while the vehicle is in motion. This is also useful on dyno pulls to build boost on a low RPM.
  • 10bar MAP sensor compatibility:
    • Extreme high boost aplications that require more than the integrated 7bar MAP sensor can be used with an external 10bar MAP sensor. Fuel and ignition tables were updated with new maximum scales up to 145psi of boost.
  • Multi tooth cam sync compatibility:
    • New setting for engine cam position sync signal detection which allows a window filter which is only open for a set number of degrees of camshaft rotation to detect one cam trigger tooth. This allows your FuelTech ECU to ignore additional trigger teeth on the camshafts/pulleys that have multiple trigger teeth making our system more compatible with different engine configurations without having to modify the cam trigger wheel.
  • OEM CAN compatibility (Corvette C6):
    • Possibility to fetch some signals through the OBD2 CAN of the Corvette C6 stock engine ECU:
      • Engine coolant temperature;
      • All 4 wheel speeds (FL, FR, RL, RR);
      • Driveshaft RPM;
      • Transmission temperature;
      • Oil pressure;
      • Air conditioner on/off;
    • Compatibility with other vehicles will soon be added.



  • New datalogger channels:
    • Average EGT channel - Mathematic
    • Clutch/torque converter slip rate – Mathematic
    • Speed difference % (Slip)
    • Speed difference rate % (Slip rate)
    • Ignition Dwell
    • Shock absorber speed - Mathematic
  • New predefined sensors:
    • Nitrous bottle pressure #2
    • Oil pressure
    • Torque converter pressure
    • Transmission pressure
    • Exhaust back-pressure
    • Transmission temperature (analog input or EGT8)
    • Intercooler temperature (analog input or EGT8)
    • Oil temperature (analog input or EGT8)
    • Flex fuel sensor – Ethanol density and fuel temperature
    • Shock absorber position for up to 4 wheels
  • Switch between maps using external buttons
    • Allows the maps to be switched using a single external button or one button per map.
  • Upgrades on the process of updating throttle database.
  • Unlocked the ability to use “launch delay” when 2step is triggered via CAN.
  • New setting for cam sync sensor on the FT600 – Random VR differential.
  • New visual interface for input channels via CAN.
  • Now a PS1500 can be used as pre-defined on a custom sensor.

Then execute the program, Windows Defender SmartScreen may display a warning message when installing FT Manager.

Here are the steps to follow to install FT Manager if this happens to you:

A - Click More info link:

B - Click the Run anyway and wait for the installation to finish:

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