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June 02, 2016

Follow the steps below to update the FT500 module:

Step 1: Before update the ECU, back up the maps and logs in the module: It`s recommended to back up all the important maps and logs contained in the FT500, the update won`t delete the maps, but will delete the logs.

Step 2: Download version 2.20 of FTManager: Download the new version in the "Software> FTManager" menu at FuelTech site or CLICK HERE to download the new version.Then execute the program and wait for the installation to finish.

Step 3: Open the FTManager software and plug the USB cable into the FT500 ECU, click in "Tools" tab and then the icon "FT Updater". 

Step 4: A new window will show up, click "Update" and wait until the update ends, when a pop up is displayed on the screen. In the right side of the screen, there will be the "Release Notes", describing all the news about the release.

FT500 v2.20 Update

- New FT CAN 2.0 protocol:

  • New real-time broadcast from FT500 to third part products at 1MBps at high sample rate.
  • FuelTech Alcohol o2 new update to FT CAN 2.0: Left and right O2 readings and diagnostic over the CAN bus.
  • FuelTech GearController update version 2.20 communicates to FT500/FT500LITE via FTCAN 2.0 the following information:
    • Front wheel speed.
    • Rear wheel speed.
    • Gear position.
    • Shifter force signal.
    • 2step signal.
    • Traction control ignition cut level and retard.

- New integrated Boost Controller (Wastegate top pressure control):

  • Control type: many different ways of setting the target wastegate boost.
    • Time based after 2-step: up to 32 time steps after the launch.
    • Gear and engine RPM: up to 6 gears and 8 RPM cells.
    • Gear elapsed time: time after gear change, up to 6 gears and 8 time steps.
    • Single target value wastegate: fixed target to easily dyno the engine or test.
    • Engine RPM: up to 32 RPM cells.
  • Individual specific launch targets for:
    • 2-step.
    • 3-step.
    • Burnout.
  • Dual 2 way or single 3 way solenoid valve compatible.
  • To be used with intake manifold pressure or CO2 bottle pressure.
  • Pre tuned solenoid valves:
    • High volume fuel injector (>80lbs/hr).
    • Low volume fuel injector (<80lbs/hr).
    • FT valve block.
    • Regular BoostController2 type valves.
  • Feature activation by minimum TPS and/or minimum MAP boost.
  • Proportional target output mode by TPS position.
  • Input and output selection to be active as 0v or 12v.
  • Boost+ scramble button increase/decrease of target boost.
  • Control mode:
    • Basic: simple control gain from 0 to 15.
    • Advanced: open PID parameters.
  • Maximum MAP boost limitation for 2-step and overall: this is a safety feature that will change the target wastegate pressure to 0 everytime the MAP goes over the set limit. This feature is not intended to regulate boost and may cause unstable boost when limiting.

- Other functions:

  • "Boost control" feature now renamed to "Generic duty cycle control" with no other functionality change.
  • Ignition coil dwell new tables of:
    • Battery voltage x MAP: to safely run more dwell time on the coil igniter only when running at high boost.
    • Battery voltage x RPM: to naturually aspirated or nitrous engines to run more dwell time by engine RPM.
    • Caution ! Do not exceed the specifications of your igniter and coil dwell charge time.
  • Pro-Nitrous update:
    • Graphic representation improvement.
    • Pedaling timers will reactivate only previously activated stages.
  • Dashboard gages update: limits of exhibition now are automatically set by each sensor.
  • New datalog channel of "Valid launch" to correct indicate when a 2-step signal was validated by all the conditions to start the launch timers and drag racing features (Engine RPM & hit 2step limiter OR TPS over 50% when launch).
  • 2-step input signal can be over the FT CAN 2.0 from the GearController, saving a white wire input.
  • Datalog channels accuracy improvement (channels that were previously calculated when downloading the log file now are stored into the log):
    • Duty cycle primary.
    • Duty cycle secondary.
    • Fuel flow primary.
    • Fuel flow secondary.
    • Nitrous injection duty cycle.
    • Nitrous total fuel flow.
  • New pre-defined O2 sensor type of "Alcohol o2 NTK" and "Alcohol o2 Bosch".
  • New yellow output protection alert at display and datalog status events.
  • O2 correction update.
  • Reduction of the time that o2 correction was disabled after a quick TPS transition from 0.5 second to 0.1 second.
  • O2 correction now doesn´t require any Engine coolant temp sensor installed to be activated.
  • Rotary engine rev limiter improvement.
  • Narrow band O2 sensor dashboard unit correction (volts).
  • FT Updater stability improvement.
  • Output test feature improvement.

- FT Manager software:

  • New ID identification of ECU connected to the USB to identify when changing to another ECU and present the question of which map position to write the map at the ECU.
  • New real-time gauges:
    • O2 General.
    • O2 left.
    • O2 right.
    • Target Wastegate boost.
  • New pan vacuum PS30 database.
  • New navigation shortcut of "S" to go to site at real time tables.
  • Improvement on the CAN bus devices association.
  • Time based compensations:
    • Datalog plot scales fixed of "Time based enrichment" and "Time based advance/retard"
    • Zoom feature improvement.
  • Ignition Calibration feature improvement: hit "ENTER" to apply fixed timing without exiting the feature.
  • Text labels corrections.
  • Map name relocated to the main icon ribbon.
  • Input and output now are alphabetical lists.
  • FT base map generator fix: limitation of 32ms on main fuel table generation.
  • Datalog wheelie retard channel scaling fix.

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