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Better Data for Better Tuning: Optimize Your ECU with NanoPRO

October 24, 2023

FuelTech NanoPRO O2 Sensor Conditioner - 3 in 1 with O2 sensor conditioner, 2nd display gauge function, and switch panel style button capability. IP67 rated with 2"color touchscreen..


FuelTech’s PowerFT line of ECUs (FT450, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT600) offers an impressive range of EFI controls. However, as with any engine management system, the fuel mapping, and ultimately your overall tune-up, are only as good as the data collected from your sensors. Your engine’s air/fuel ratio, or AFR, is an important data point provided by your oxygen sensor, also called an O2 sensor. In high performance applications, accurate AFR data can make the difference between winning and losing, which is why adding FuelTech’s NanoPRO O2 conditioner can be a game changer. 

Learn more about the NanoPRO's features from FuelTech CEO, Anderson Dick, and COO, Luis de Leon.

As FuelTech COO and drag racer Luis de Leon explained in an interview with DragZine’s Andrew Wolf“The O2 sensor, different from a pressure sensor, is a probe that requires a specific temperature to work. The O2 conditioner keeps the sensor inside a specific temperature, turning the heater on, and going up and down on its intensity in real-time so the sensor can output a proper value of the exhaust gases.” Since the NanoPRO O2 Conditioner maintains the optimal temperature for accurate O2 readings, you can be confident that your ECU is getting accurate AFR data, enabling your ECU to make accurate adjustments and optimize your engine performance.   The NanoPRO offers 3 configurable heating modes; normal, fast, and current limited, in addition to auto startup. Additionally, the NanoPRO has an extended wideband reading scale with advanced hardware for fast and precise readings (reading range can reach values slightly lower than 0.21 λ) and is compatible with 5 different O2 sensors: BOSCH 4.2 / 4.9 / 5.2 / NTK ZFAS-U2 (laboratory) and NTK ZFAS-A2 (PN: UAR0004).

FuelTech NanoPro - 3 installed in dash, 2" color touchscreen on each, installed with FT600 engine management system.
Beyond superior O2 sensor readings, the NanoPRO also features a 2” touchscreen color screen with a “second display gauge” function that allows you to display information such as oil pressure, fuel pressure, boost, RPM, engine temperature, and more with the option to configure up to 5 custom screens with switch panel style button capability via CAN bus connection to your FuelTech ECU, providing more functionality without using an analog input. IP67 certification makes the NanoPRO perfect for automotive and marine applications.

AFR or Lambda display unit options include:

       - Lambda (0.21 - 9.99)
       - AFR Methanol (1.35 - 64.6)
       - AFR Gasoline (3.09 - 146.6)
       - AFR Ethanol (1.89 - 89.9)


FuelTech NanoPRO 3 in 1 O2 Sensor Conditioner - Way More Than An 02 Conditioner - Click to Learn More