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FT450 2009 & Older Sea Doo Jet-ski PNP


Shipping Cut-Off:  USPS 9:30am EST / UPS 1:00pm EST

  • This plug and play harness allows you to remove the stock Siemens ECU from the 2009 and older Sea-Doo Jet-skis and replace it with a FuelTech FT450 or FT550 standalone ECU. The plug and play harness does not require any modifications to your PWC. The upgrade to our aftermarket ECU is fully reversable should you decide to return your Sea Doo to stock. 

    If you already have an FT550 on another vehicle, you can easily share the ECU with your PWC by connecting the Plug and Play Harness to the ECU's "A" plug and connecting the included blank connector to the "B" plug to protect against water intrusion. Additional inputs/outputs to accommodate added controls and sensors may be custom wired to the "B" plug as long as the rubber water protection is not removed. Our technical support staff can answer any questions you may have.

    It requires a 3 channel ignitor module, which can be the OEM 3 channel we offer as a OEM level equivalent of performance or higher energy ignition module FuelTech SparkPRO-3 Nautica version.

    Stock gauges cluster will no longer be functional, the trim control remains functional as stock but there is no Trim indicator on the dash.

    There are 2 available inputs from the FT450 ECU that can be wired from the EXTRA connector to additional sensors like fuel pressure, oil pressure, tunnel pressure, temperature and more. Also 2 available outputs that can be used to control boost controller, nitrous, additional fuel pump and more. Also the FuelTech CAN bus is available if you want to wire any FuelTech product like EGT-4 for exhaust gas temperature sensors, wideband o2 sensors using a FuelTech Nano or NanoPRO conditioner and more.

  •  Sea Doo 215 255 2009 Jetski PNP Manual